The idea of ‘buyingnote.com’ came into our mind to generating information about the different consumer product. People sometimes get confused to select the right project for them and they don’t know what exactly they need to go for.

Well, people who don’t know which product are more suitable for them and what product will meet their demand, we believe that you will find our blog very much useful and they can make their buying decision easier. No doubt, before buying product researching is too much pain for you. After spending hours and hours in the market for hunting the best product, sometime people will get back home without buying anything. We are here to research product for you and help you to find out your exact product which will meet your need.

We want this blog to product the best and honest information about consumer product as much as possible, which helps you to make your decision easy to choose and purchase the best product. Our team consists with some of the renowned authors who are committed that our reader will find BuyingNote as unbiased products reviewer.

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BuyingNote’s Professional Authors

Automobile Design Editor and Writer

Jason Castriota, who is famous for designing ‘Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano’, is the American automobile designer and author. Earlier he graduated from Emerson College. He also admitted in ‘Art Center College of Design’. He was the Head Designer for special car project of the ‘Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina. In 2008, he worked as the Design Director at the company ‘Stile Bertone’. In the middle of the year 2010, he joined the ‘Saab Automobile’ as ‘Director of Automobile Design’. Now, he works as a designer for the world most renowned automobile company ‘Ford Motor’. Jason Castrita is our feature author who provides us suggestions related to the automobile and automobile’s part such as suggesting about Head Gasket Sealer for BuyingNote readers. He was featured on different world-class news portal such as fortune. BuyingNote feels proud about getting consultancy from the world-class automobile blogger and designer Jason Castriota.

Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer

Computer Engineer and Author

The American computer engineer Mark Spencer who is the founder and chairman of Digium is the author of BuyingNote. He is the main author of instant messaging software ‘GTK+’. He is the inventor of open-sourced PBX software ‘Asterisk’. Spence co-operated and the main author at BuyingNote and he writes the contents related to computer and electric technology’. Mark was the founder of Avilution, LLC. He developed different types of aviation apps such as AviationMaps, QuickWeather and XFS (extensible Flight System).

Professional Beautician and Beauty Writer

Liz Earle is a British writer and TV presenter about beauty wellbeing and nutrition. She wrote more than 30 books on health care and beauty. She established the Liz Earle Beauty Co. which is a skin and beauty care company. She is the owner of jewelry brand ‘Liz Earle Fair and Fine’ as well as the founder of the wellbeing magazine ‘Liz Earle Wellbeing’. The writer of 30 plus wellbeing books is Liz Earle who is the also contributor of BuyingNote and share her knowledge about beauty with our readers contributing her valuable suggestion such as the article ‘over the counter cream for dark sports on face’. Earle was the co-founder of FLAG (Food Labelling Agenda) and the members of ‘The Guild of Health Writers’. She also plays a role as an Ambassador for ‘CURE International’ and ‘Love British Food’.

Liz Earle
Liz Earle
Timothy Corrigan
Timothy Corrigan

Interior Designer and Writer

The award-winning interior designer Timothy Corrigan is an American Interior designer. He was featured as the world most 100 Interior Designer and blogger in 2009. He got the prestigious award ‘Star of Design’ and ‘2017 Design Icon’. According to the Robb Report’s, he was placed as the top 40 Interior Designer. Many prestigious publications featured Corrigan as an interior author and designer such as ‘The Times’, ‘Architectural Digest’, ‘The New York Times’, ‘BuyingNote’ and so on. He is the featured author of BuyingNote. He shares his valuable opinion and suggestions to our readers about the home design and household necessities. Corrigan is the specialist of home décor and household necessities.

Pet Behaviorist

Warren Eckstein is an American Animal trainer, pet behaviorist, animal rights activist and author. He is an animal expert who hosts the popular show ‘The Pet Show’ as the director of ‘Hugs & Kisses Animal Fund’. There are many books related to pet authored by Eckstein, such as ‘Yes, Dog, That’s Right!’, ‘Understand Your Pet’, ‘The Illustrated Cat’s Life’, ‘Memoirs of a Pet Therapist: A Tail All Book’, ‘Understanding Your Pet: The Eckstein Method of Pet Therapy and Behavior Training’, ‘How to Get Your Dog to Do What You Want’, ‘The Illustrated Dog’s Life’, and so on. The animal expert Eckstein also writes for BuyingNote as the specialist of animal health care and pet behaviorist. He contributes on BuyingNote some important tips related to pet such as ‘collar for large dog that pulls’.

Warren Eckstein
Warren Eckstein
Arthur Scott Walters
Arthur Scott Walters

Neurologist cum writter

Arthur Scott Walters is the professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He is an American Neurologist who was the chairman of the ‘Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation’. He was the chairman of that patient support group which was composed of more than 130 dedicated scientists and physicians as well. The neurologist received the award ‘Researcher of the Year in Medicine’ from Seton Hall University. Walters is the author many health-related books and publications. BuyingNote teams feel proud announcing that Walter shares his opinion related to healthcare on this blog.

Sports journalist

Jim Wilson, who is an Australian Sports presenter, reporter, and journalist, is the sports presenter and writer on ‘Seven News Sydney’. Previously, he worked as a sports journalist on the ‘Channel Nine Brisbane’. He anchored many sports event such as ‘2012 London Olympics’, ‘2017 Rugby League World Cup’ and many more. He is the author of BuyingNote and plays a role as the sports consultancy for our readers. He is one of the popular sports experts who reviewed many sport’s items in different publications. He is also the regular sports writer of BuyingNote and shares his view about different sports even, element, material, and news in this blog, such as he covered the sport’s related article ‘What racquet should you play with?’.

Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson
Robert Brown

Cleaning Specialist

Robert Brown is the cleaning specialist and professional. He provides cleaning service over the USA since 2009. He is the owner of https://windowcleanerjudge.com/. Robert writes about cleaning processes and the uses of different cleaning tools. ‘Portable Washing Machine – 100% Effective & Certified Washers’ is one of the cloth washing related article which was written by Robert Brown.

Travel Journalist

Rick Steves who has hosted the travel series ‘Rick Steves Europe’ is an American television personality, travel writer, journalist-activist and author. He was featured many prestigious publications because of providing numerous travel guides. He wrote many guidebooks and television show about traveling. He also loves to guide and share his experience about traveling to the BuyingNote’s readers as like as writing the article ‘7 Tips to Buy a Quality Backpack’.

Rick Steves
Rick Steves
Mona Hanna-Attisha
MSU's Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha


Mona Hanna-Attisha is a British pediatrician and health advocate. She is commonly known as “Dr. Mona”. She has been working for children’s health and behavior since a long time. His book ‘What the Eyes Don’t See’ is a popular book as describing the first-hand account of his research work ‘Flint Water Crisis’. According to the Time Magazine, Dr. Mona was declared as the most influential people in 2016 and she also received the ‘Ridenhour Prize’. The great pediatrician also helps BuyingNote’s readers providing valuable write-up related to children behavior and childcare such as sharing her opinion.

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