Bars leak liquid copper review

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We’re going to talk about the Bardsley liquid copper black steel intake and radiator stop leak. It’s a great product that specially designed for intake manifold weeks as we know that’s a pretty common issue. The typical cost on an intake manifold peak but it will take care of other cooling system leaks as well. A couple of things that we want to point out are one: it has a foil seal on it. If that foil seal is missing or been tampered with you need to return the product to the store and or contact the manufacturer of bars leak liquid copper.


Bars leak liquid copper review

Another thing that we’d like to talk about is safety when working on the vehicle never opens up a cooling system when the engine is hot. We would recommend wearing safety glasses when working underneath the hood.


Before using this product, you just need to simply shake it up; then take off the radiator cap; and then you need to install the bars leak liquid copper into the radiator. Unless the system is dirty, there isn’t necessary to drain or flush.

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Otherwise, we recommend flushing the system before using the product. After installing the product into the radiator put that cap back on it. You need to be sure that the cooling system is full starting the vehicle up let it idle for 10 to 20 minutes. Shut the vehicle off let it completely cool recheck the cooling system for proper level.