best air compressor for bike tires| review and buying guide

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The truth is, there is nothing as frustrating as getting a flat bike tire, that is why having the best air compressor for bike tires should be on the cards for you.

In the hope that you might never find yourself in an emergency like that, it is nevertheless vital that you have something that can work fast without much physical effort from you. This is where this guide comes in.

We will walk you through some of the best air compressors for bike tires and explain why we like them and why we would recommend that you consider any one of them. In short, we are providing you with a convenient review and buying guide and throwing in some FAQ’s at the end so that we can seat aside some of the burning questions that you might have.




Ryobi P737 18-Volt Cordless Power Inflator

Peztio Portable Air Compressor

 VacLife Air Compressor

PI AUTO STORE Premium Air Compressor

AirXwills Portable Tire Inflator


TEROMAS Tire Inflator

Akface Air Compressor

TACKLIFE 12V DC Car Tire Inflator

Kensun AC/DC Tire Inflator

10 Best Air Compressor for Bike Tires

Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE+ Portable Cordless Power Inflator for Tires

Product Features

  • two high-pressure nozzles
  • a sports equipment needle
  • pressure gauge
  • cordless
  • oil-free
  • trigger switch
  • built-in PSI sensor
  • Max pressure is 150PSI.

Product Description

Ranked 6th in Portable Air Compressors from 1,437 reviews on Amazon this air compressor will save you a lot of time and money.

This Ryobi compressor will have your bike tire filled within minutes, making it the perfect portable device to have at your disposal. Not only is it compact, lightweight and durable, but it also is easy to use and works well on almost any small inflatable items that you might have around your household, be it sports equipment or inflatable pools.

It comes with an analog monitor, which might not always give an accurate reading; moreover, it does not come with a battery or an automatic stop function. In fact, you will have to keep the trigger button pressed down whilst the air compressor is inflating your tire. As a result, the suitability of the air compressor as an emergency tool is significantly reduced.

Nevertheless, if you hardly travel far with your bike, then this is a perfect air compressor to keep in your garage. The Ryobi brand is well known for its quality, so you are guaranteed to have this device for a long time.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Portable
  • Easily fits any inner tubes


  • Inaccurate analog gauge
  • The trigger switch has to be pushed down the whole time that the compressor is in use.

Peztio Portable Air Compressor Cordless Tire Inflator

Product Features

  • Four optional units as PSI, BAR, KPA, KG / CM².
  • LED light for your night use.
  • Cordless
  • Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery
  • 150PSI Digital LCD pressure gauge

Product Description

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to this air compressor. Undoubtedly one of the best air compressor for bike tires on the market today, this device can feel a car tire within 4- 7 minutes. What’s not to love about that?

As a matter of fact, you do not even need to plug the air compressor in, simply just set the pressure that you desire and connect to the tire and wait for it to cut off on its own, not to mention that it is rechargeable via a USB cable.

What you will have here is a reliable portable air compressor that gives accurate reading due to the digital LCD pressure gauge and versatility due to the three different nozzles. Got an emergency flat or low-pressure tire? No worries this air compressor will take care of that. 

Just need to inflate something around the house? Again, no worries, because the Peztio air compressor can handle anything you throw at it. (Within reason of course).


  • Great battery life
  • Portable
  • Accurate digitalized pressure readings
  • Auto-stop function


  • Only suitable for smaller vehicles and bikes

 VacLife Air Compressor Tire Inflator

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Product Features

  • Touchscreen & digital display 
  • Three extra nozzles
  • 9.1 feet-long range cable
  • Auto shutoff & led lighting

Product Description

Perhaps one of the best all-around air compressors for bike tires, this Vaclife tire inflator is as simple as they come. Coupled with a sleek and modern design, it is in fact incredibly easy to use, all you need to do is plug the compressor into a 12V outlet and connect the hose to your tire.

As a result, the only work that you need to do is press the on switch and leave the rest to the air compressor.

The device features auto cut off technology, a long power cord, LED light and four extra nozzles for a multitude of tasks. The pump can display KPA, PSI, BAR and KG/CM pressure units. It is a nifty tool that produces hardly any noise when in use and can inflate your bike tire within 10 minutes.

Combining affordability, performance and quality made us rank the Vaclife compressor as one of the best air compressor for bike tires, for the most part.


  • Fast inflate speed
  • Child-friendly
  • Multi-purpose
  • Night-time use
  • Portable


  • Emergency lights not very bright
  • Short power line cable

PI AUTO STORE Premium Air Compressor    


Product Features

  • Auto Shut Off
  • Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
  • LCD display
  • LED light and Red SOS Light
  • Storage bag
  • Four Spare Dust Caps
  • Schrader to Presta valve adaptor for bicycles tires
  • User guide
  • 150 PSI

Product Description

There can be no doubt that the PI Auto Store Tire Inflator is very efficient and easy to use.

First of all, we rank it as the perfect emergency air compressor because of its LED light features. A backlit LCD display gauge, bright 100 lumens LED light, and Red SOS Light will help you get the job done no matter what time or which location you might find yourself stuck with a flat or faulty bike tire.

Equally crucial for roadside emergencies is the auto-stop function, which helps prevent overfilling your tires with air. All that is required of you is that you plug it into a 12V outlet and you are good to go.

Albeit it’s compact design and efficiency, in reality, this air compressor was not built with durability in mind. Some buyers reported faulty or defective devices just after a few uses. However, if you are looking for a quick solution that you will not use often, this air compressor comes highly recommended


  • Easy To Use
  • Long hose
  • LED light


  • Inaccurate reading on the digital gauge at times
  • Not durable
  • The device can get hot whilst in use

AirXwills Portable Tire Inflator



Product Features

  • Air hose
  • Four air inflation nozzles
  • USB charging cable
  • Air pump
  • Operating manual
  • Storage bag
  • Lithium battery
  • LED display
  • 150 PSI maximum inflate pressure
  • Automatic stop function
  • Memory Function
  • One year warranty 

Product Description

Are you in the market for something fancy? Then consider buying the AirXwills portable air compressor.

The AirXwills air compressor is quite a durable and fast pump capable of producing a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. This, of course, means that you can quickly inflate not only your bike tires but other objects in your household.

As a portable air compressor, it can be installed or carried on your bike mount, thus it is one of the best air compressor for bike tires on our list.

Talk about a solution on the go!

One of the cool features is the memory function, where it will remember the last air pressure number that was set and automatically inflate your bike tire as before. The auto-stop process also prevents you from over-inflating your tires and to top it all off, all you need to do to charge it is use the USB cable that comes with the air compressor.

To be frank with you, the selling point of this air compressor is the sleek design. Most users have expressed a certain level of pride when whipping out their AirXwills device in public. If you are intrigued by that point, then this might be the air compressor for you.


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Fast and convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Digital


  • We could find no cons for this product

TEROMAS Tire Inflator Air Compressor, Portable DC/AC Air Pump


Product Features

  • AC/DC
  • 12 V car cigarette light
  • Three nozzle adaptors compatible with cars, RV, motorcycles, and bikes
  • 150PSI Max pressure
  • Auto-stop function
  • Digital display
  • LED backlight
  • Pressure display in PSI, BAR & KG/CM2
  • Air hose
  • Carrying bag
  • Replaceable fuse

Product Description

There is no denying that the TEROMAS brand has brought into the market a first-class quality programmable air compressor. It is precisely because of the nature of the quality of this air compressor that it has managed to make our list.

It features two power cords (110V and 12V) that make it convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. The backlit digital pressure gauge provides accurate readings and different measuring units. 

Additionally, the product was designed with portability and ease of storage in mind. The storage carry bag means you can take it anywhere you want and carry it around with no issues because it weighs only 2.72 lbs.

In the event that you find yourself in an emergency, the backlight LCD display and LED lights can be used at night, and the auto-stop function takes the need of monitoring the air compressor away from you.

What’s not to love?


  • Auto Shut Off Function
  • Compact and Portable
  • Three extra adaptors
  • Digital display
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor


  • No Presta To Schrader Adaptor 

Akface Air Compressor Tire Inflator


Product Features

  • Digital LCD Display
  • LED lighting
  • Four nozzles
  • 9.2 feet power cord
  • 150 PSI
  • Auto-shutoff
  • 2 years warranty

 Product Description

Guaranteed to make your life easier by eliminating gas station stops, this Akface automobile tire air compressor can inflate your bike tires at an unprecedented speed.

Made from quality and durable ABS plastic and stainless steel, you will have in your hands a long-lasting air compressor. It features a digital LCD display, an 11ft power cord and four extra nozzles for use on cars, bicycles, engine, ATV and other various inflatables.

This specific deal offers you a two-year warranty but trust us; you will not need it, this air compressor was made to last. In essence, this air compressor is lightweight, easy to use and ultimately one of the best air compressor for bike tires in 2020


  • Fast
  • Works very well on bikes
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot be used for more than 10 minutes at a time; otherwise, the device will get hot.

 TACKLIFE 12V DC Car Tire Inflator Air Compressor Portable


Product Features

  • 12 V
  • Auto-stop
  • 150 PSI max pressure measurement
  • 80PSI max inflating pressure
  • Waterproof carrying bag
  • Ball needle
  • Extension nozzle
  • Schrader-Presta valve adaptor
  • User manual

Product Description

This is another premium quality and flexible bike tire inflator currently in the market.  The Track life multi-purpose air compressor will most definitely take care of your inflation needs.

This device comes with fast and efficient pumping speed and can quickly inflate your bike tire within seconds, not to mention the automatic cut off button that will prevent you from over-inflating your tires. 

One of the nice features of this tool is that it contains storage space for the hose and cables, meaning that you do not have to deal with messy cables. At the same time, the LED light makes operating at night a breeze.

With such a small and compact design, it can easily prove to be the best air compressor for your bike tire. Definitely go check it out.


  • Efficient and reliable
  • Auto-stop gets rid of having to monitor the device.
  • Convenient


  • We could not find any cons for this product.

Kensun AC/DC Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor Pump


Product Features

  • AC/DC
  • Classic pressure gauge with unit conversion PSI/Bar/KPA
  • Measures up to 120 PSI
  • Carrying Bag
  • Three nozzles
  • Screw-on hose

Product Description

Here we have a very reliable air compressor that can manage the inflation of your bike tires for you.

The selling point of this portable air compressor is that it has two separate motors that make it possible to power the device on an AC 110V outlet, or a DC cigarette-lighter connection 12V outlet.

Made from durable and quality material, the inflator can pump up to a maximum of 100 PSI, and it is perfect for bike tires specifically because of the brass connector that fits most bicycle valves.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has made it their mission to ensure that you do not worry about storage space because the air compressor is designed with compartments for all the accessories, hose and power cable. In the same fashion, portability has been made easier also by the provision of a carry bag.

One thing that is different about this compressor is that it does not come with a digital LCD display screen. The designers really went old-school with this, because it features a relatively easy to read dial tire pressure gauge.

So if you have a fondness for nostalgia and the yesteryears then indulge yourself and go pick up this air compressor.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • A definite node to the past due to the dial tire pressure gauge


  • Some reports of unit failure and breakdown after a couple of uses
  • The cord is too short.
  • No digital LCD display

JACO SmartPro Digital Tire Inflator


Product Features

  • Smart pressure technology
  • Digital display
  • LCD backlight with four settings
  • Max pressure is 100 PSI
  • Two adaptors
  • 10ft power cord
  • 24-inch hose
  • Carrying bag
  • 12V DC

Product Description

Lastly, on our list of the best air compressor for bike tires, we have the JACO SmartPro air compressor which comes with a maximum pressure of 100 PSI.

This tool’s crowning glory is that it is remarkably precise in its pressure readings when you are in the process of topping up your already inflated bike tires. Similarly, the high functioning smart pressure technology automatically cuts off once the preferred inflation reading is reached.

When it comes to efficiency, this air compressor is one of the best in the business. Coupled with a precise inflation accuracy that inflates air at a 25L/min rate, what you get is an air compressor that will not disappoint you.

Of course the other features such as a 24-inch hose with a twist-connect nozzle, two adaptors, a 10-inch power code, LCD backlight digital display and LED lights with four settings are just a bonus.

We are sold on this air compressor.


  • Quiet and efficient
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Reasonably  priced


  • Smart technology pump pressure setting can malfunction.
  • No wall socket AC adaptor

Buying guide of best air compressor for bike tires

By now we are sure you cannot imagine your life without a portable air compressor for your bike, so let’s make sure that you have all the information you need to go and purchase one.

With this in mind, it is clear that all air compressors work the same way, so what should you factor when you are looking for an air compressor? What defects are deal-breakers, and what functions are so important that you cannot do without?

Please continue reading.

Inflation Speed

It is evident that the whole point of an air compressor for bikes is that it is supposed to inflate your bike tires within a very short space of time.

Nobody wants to wait forever whilst your tire is getting inflated. In this guide, we mainly reviewed air compressors that have either a 12V DC outlet or both a 12 V and a 110V AC outlet. It is important to note that these types of compressors typically take between four to ten minutes.

You are not going to get anything faster than that unless you go for more heavy-duty models.


The goal here is lightweight, always! Generally speaking, your air compressor should be between 1.70lbs to about 6lbs for it to still be considered lightweight and portable. Anything heavier than that will significantly reduce portability.

Light Features

We do recommend that you go for air compressors that have built-in LED lights and digital LCD display. Why? Well, besides being easy to read and manipulate, you will, for the most part, appreciate some form of light should you find yourself stuck with a flat or low-pressure bike tire at night.

Automatic Stop Function

Convenience is what you should be aiming for. Choosing an air compressor that can shut itself off will save you from several headaches. As discussed above, you want to avoid over-inflating your tires, not only that but you want to have the option of walking away and doing other things.

Duration of use

Make sure you read the manufacturers guide on the amount of time the compressor needs to cool down first before being reused.

Power Sources

For power, you have four options:

  • 12 V DC -this is the most common and can be plugged into your car’s 12V outlet or directly to your car’s battery
  • Cordless–  these come with batteries and can be charged and used anywhere
  • 110 V AC– some models can be plugged in your home
  • Multi-powered– these compressors can be a combination of all the above.

Accessories & Extra Attachments

  • Hose and power code- the biggest complaint on some reviews has been that the hose or power codes are too short, so make sure you keep that in mind.
  • Extra nozzle attachments- the aim here is to buy a multi-purpose compressor, so carefully select the product that can easily fit that purpose.

FAQ for best air compressor for bike tires

What PSI should by bike tires be at?

It depends on the kind of tire that you have. A general rule to follow is that narrow tires need more pressure than wide ones. The PSI range of bike tires is between 25 to 130 PSI.

Which valve is better for my bike, Presta or Schrader?

Generally, Presta valves are easier to inflate, but Schrader is more widely used. So just do your research before purchasing

How do I check my bike tire air pressure?

Remove the caps on your tire valves and connect the pressure gauge, the air compressor should be able to give you a reading.


By and large when considering buying the best air compressor for bike tires, always look for functionality and portability. You will want to be able to travel with your inflator on you at all times, especially if you travel far with your bike.

Tire pressure is usually lost slowly and subtly so you can never go wrong by being prepared. That said, our favorite picks are the AirXwills Portable Tire Inflator and the Peztio Portable Air Compressor Cordless Tire Inflator simply because of the battery function. As a biker you might not have somewhere to plug in your compressor, a pre-charged one can never let you down.