best budget mono car amplifier | super amplifier buying guide for your car

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Traveling with music makes travel more enjoyable. And when you have the best budget mono car amplifier in your car, it becomes heaven.

Mono amplifier is an electronic device which transfer power to channel speaker.Amplifiers provide clear sound for all frequency signals. There are dozens of amplifiers people use, but not all give high-quality sound and are durable. You must be extremely vigilant while selecting the best cheap amplifier car. Below is the list of the best car amplifiers of all time that you can consider while buying a new one for your vehicle.

best budget mono car amplifier review

BOSS R1100


BOSS R1100 audio system is a mono car amplifier with high-quality sound. It is considered as one of the best car audio amplifiers ever made.

 It gives the output of 2 and 4 ohms. These amplifiers are designed to run subwoofers giving them the power to perform at their best. It uses eight gauges or heavier wire for installation.

It has a low pass crossover that removes all notes below the frequency of the filter. Its variable bass boost system allows you to adjust bass as you want.

It’s Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors quickly switch from full to non-conduction for high-efficiency output.


  • Rating on Amazon 4.3 out of 5.
  • It has a variable bass boost system.
  • The BOSS audio amplifier has a Low pass Crossover system.
  • It has MOSFET technology.
  • Automatic shut-off system protects the amplifier from failure.


  • Brand BOSS Audio Systems
  • Weight 4.4 pounds
  • Maximum output1100 watts
  • Model R1100M
  • Speaker type subwoofer
  • Dimensions9.1” x 0.4” x 2.3”
  • It has a very stylish look.
  • Amp operates without sound distortion.
  • Automatic shutoff saves the amplifier from damage.
  • The most luring advantage of this system is that it is affordable.
  • Without an amp, the user is not able to use subwoofers.
  • It is not stable with 1 ohm
  • It does not have good wiring terminals

Rockville dBcomp4


Rockville mono amplifier comes with an illuminated logo. It has various power ratings which makes it suitable for different applications.

It has a frequency range from 15 Hz to 250Hz. Additionally, it has optical Coupler Class “D” Technology,

Fully Adjustable 24dB / Octave Crossover with Differential Circuitry. It also comes with a limiter ON\OFF switch.


  • Rating on Amazon 3.8 out of 5.
  • Give a high voltage display on the amp.
  • It is adjustable with a 12dB Bass Equalizer.
  • It comes with indicators on the control panel and remote control.
  • It includes an amplifier.
  • Has a phase control switch.
  • Comes with a mute and Delay soft-start system.


  • Brand Rockville
  • Weight 21pounds
  • Model dBcomp4
  • Dimensions 28.5 x 12 x 5 inches
  • It has high speed MOSFET power supply.
  • It comes with a remote control.
  • Provide control of dashboard subwoofer.
  • It might look difficult to new people.
  • It can’t handle 1-ohm speakers.

Soundstream T1.6000DL


Soundstream T1 is one of the best budget mono car amplifier. They are perfect both quality and reliability wise.

It is one of the best amplifiers with a maximum of 6000 watts RMS. Enhanced Shutdown Performance technology protects the amplifier from overheating when played for more than its limits.

 Soundstream Class D mono car amplifier which can work with 1 to 5-ohm speakers.


  • Rating on Amazon 4.2 out of 5.
  • It has a variable bass booster.
  • It comes with preamp and speaker levels input.
  • It is stable with a 1 to 5-ohm speaker.
  • This mono car amplifier has a Class-D Amplifier


  • Brand Soundstream
  • Weight 9.9pounds
  • Maximum output6000watts
  • Model T1.6000DL
  • Dimensions 24.5 x 11.5 x 3.8inches
  • LED power indicators.
  • Sound stream T1.6000DL is a high-quality amplifier at a low price.
  • It needs high power.
  • It may have distortion in sound sometimes.

Lanzar Amplifier


Lanzar is another monoblock best car amplifier with an excellent frequency response rate.

This amplifier has RCA connectors and speaker screw-down terminals for a secure connection. One of its features includes the power indicator.

Additionally, it has one channel amp design. The Line-Out jacks contribute to making multiple amplifier system without using splitter cords.

It has nickel RCA inputs and is stable with a 2-ohm amplifier. It gives a frequency response from 10 Hz to 45 kHz.


  • Rating on Amazon 3.8 out of 5.
  • It gives a maximum output of 3000 W.
  • Lanzar amplifier has a remote bass boost to control excellent bass.
  • Comes with low pass control filters.
  • Has an adjustable crossover for improved sound quality.
  • Gives impedance up to 4 ohms.
  • Available in black color.


  • Brand Lanzar
  • Weight 5.06pounds
  • Maximum output3000watts
  • Model HTG157
  • Dimensions 12.99 x 8.81 x 2.24inches
  • HTG157 are reliable and strong amplifiers.
  • Soft turn ON\OFF technology provides protection from damage.
  • Variable Bass Boost gives excellent bass
  • Overheat easily.
  • It needs a lot of power.

Soundstream T1


Soundstream T1 tarantula series have an excellent audio system. It is designed to provide stability of power at .5 ohm without overheating.

It has power and protects indicators green and red, respectively. The tarantula model includes 4-channels. Plus, it’s custom changeable RGB lighting makes it more attractive for the customers.

It uses a MOSFET power supply and a Class D monoblock amplifier.


  • Rating on Amazon 3.9 out of 5.
  • MOSFET power supply technology.
  • Auto changeable lights.
  • Uses Class D monoblock amplifier


  • Brand Soundstream
  • Weight 9.9pounds
  • Maximum output4,000 watts
  • Model T1.4000DL
  • Dimensions 22.3 x 11.8 x 3.8inches
  • It has an auto changeable indicator.
  • It is tough and affordable.
  • Unlike other amplifiers, its power doesn’t exceed the rating.

Rockford Fosgate R2-500X


RockfortfostageR2-500Xis high quality amplifier that deliver 500X watts of RMS power. With its Class D technology, it is efficient in working.

Its C.L.E.A.N circuitry contributes to adjusting settings. Integrated punch EQ corrects acoustic deficiencies. It has fully adjustable 12 dB\octave high and low crossover.

This model comes with a warranty of 1 year when purchased from an authorized reseller.


  • Rating on Amazon 4.8 out of 5.
  • It uses Class D technology.
  • It is designed for subwoofers.
  • The infrasonic filter and remote level control helps to adjust the bass.
  • Deliver up to 3X bass.
  • It is a 4 channel amplifier.


  • Brand Rockfort
  • Weight 4.38pounds
  • Maximum output500 Watts
  • Model R2-500X
  • Dimensions 1.9″ x 6.8″ x 10.1″inches
  • Very efficient due to Class D technology.
  • The power supply is made up of durable aluminum.
  • It has some acoustic anomalies sometimes.
  • This amplifier also gets overheated when used for excessive time.

PYRAMID 2 Channel Car Stereo Amplifier


PYRAMID is a two-channel car stereo amplifier. It uses silver-plated RCA ports to avoid signal loss. It gives you up to 1000 W bridgeable output.

MOSFET technology transfer distortion-free signals. Its subsonic filter gives highest quality audio. Additionally,

it has an LED indicator. Pyramid mono car amplifier acts as bridge between the subwoofers and it has feature for the protection from overheating and short circuit.


  • Rating on Amazon 4 out of 5.
  • It provides bridge for mono subwoofers.
  • It features two MOSFET powered channels of 50 watts RMS.
  • It has bass boost of 18dB.
  • It comes with thermal and short circuit protection


  • Brand Pyramid
  • Weight 6pounds
  • Maximum output1000Watts
  • Model PB717X
  • Dimensions 11.9 x 13.5 x 3.4inches
  • Silver-plated RCA ports prevents signal loss.
  • It comes with shot circuit protection.
  • It is not much durable.
  • It heats up quickly when overused.

Planet Audio TR1500


Planet audioTorque TR1500 falls in the category of best budget amplifiers.  It is class A\B monoblock amplifier.

MOSFET power supply enhances the audio quality and bring it to the next level. With the variable low pass crossover and switchable bass boost the sound can be customized. It is best for 2 ohm power input.


  • Rating on Amazon 4.3 out of 5.
  • It comes with MOFEST power supply.
  • Great for subwoofers.
  • MOSFET technology provides high quality output.
  • Comes with switchable bass boost and subwoofer level control.
  • Variable low pass filter allows you to control frequencies of subwoofers.
  • It has illuminated logo.


  • Brand Planet
  • Weight 7.2pounds
  • Maximum output1500Watts
  • Model TR1500.1M
  • Dimensions 10.20 x 9.50 x 2.10 inches
  • Automatically shut off when overheated.
  • Switchable Input sensitivity allows you to achieve customized balance between sound quality and power.
  • Heats up very quickly.
  • More than one sub woofers may strain electrical system.

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D


Rockford Fosgateis class D mono car amplifier that has MOSFET power supply like many other amplifiers listed here.

It has thermal sensing technology that saves it from overheating. Its simple design makes it more attractive and highly demanded by audience.

It has maximum power of 500 watts at 2 ohms and 300 watts at 4 ohms.


  • Rating on Amazon 4.3 out of 5.
  • It includes Punch Level Control
  • MOSFET power supply provides high quality output.
  • Frequency ranges between 20Hz and 50Hz.
  • Remote for controlling EQ.


  • Brand  Rockford Fosgate
  • Weight 5.09 pounds
  • Maximum output1500Watts
  • Model R500X1D
  • Dimensions8.50 x 6.70 x 1.90inches
  • Protects from short circuit.
  • It uses thermal sensing technology that prevents from overheating.
  • Output is weak.
  • It has very bright control knob LED.
  • A little bit big.

Kenwood KAC-9106D


Kenwood KAC-9106Dis Class D mono subwoofer amplifier with RMS power4 ohms 500W x 1; 2 ohms 1000W x 1. Just like other amplifiers,

it also has MOFEST power supply as well as soft turn on. Heavy aluminum protects it from heat dissipation. It also has an LED indicator at the top. Its slim design will make it your favorite choice.


  • Rating on Amazon 4.2 out of 5.
  • Also, have a MOSET power supply.
  • It offers protection from overloading, overheating, and short circuit.
  • The soft turn-on is also available.
  • Low pass frequency has a frequency response ranging from 200 Hz and up to 50 Hz


  • Brand  Kenwood
  • Weight 7.04 pounds
  • Maximum output2000Watts
  • Model KAC9106D
  • Dimensions15.28 x 10 x 4.41inches
  • It is powerful.
  • Protect from overheating.
  • Has low bass.
  • You might face issues during high volume operations.

best budget mono car amplifier buying guide

Indeed selecting the amplifier that best suits your car is a hard choice to make. Your vehicle does not go with every amplifier, so you must be careful about it. What you require to consider before purchasing an amplifier is listed below.

  • COST

The foremost considerable thing is the cost. It would be excellent if you did not go out of the budget to buys an amplifier. Instead, you can get a less costly amplifier with the best features and sound quality. It is undoubtedly possible to get a good quality amplifier at an affordable cost.


Power is another thing of consideration. Always go for the products with good power ratings as many amplifier makers make a fake claim of having a good power rating. If the power is not sufficient, the sound will be weak, and if there is too much power, it can blow the system, which is worse. So get sure that you go for a compatible power rating amp.


Getting an amp with lousy sound quality is a nightmare. The quality of sound is a vital element. Most of the time, expensive speakers give a more improved and clear sound..

  • SIZE

Amplifiers come in various sizes, from small to big. It’s your choice which size you prefer or mainly which best fits your car. They usually are big and bulky as well, and they occupy much space but always consider your car model and its specs to get the appropriate sized amplifier.


Another point you must keep in thought is the impedance or the resistance that the current face. It tells the power delivered by the speaker. In cheap devices, there is a chance of low impedance.


For the sake of safety, make yourself sure that the amplifier you are buying has wires that are Oxygen-free copper. The reason is, these OFC wires give safer flow to the current and prevent a short circuit or overheating.


Frequency is measured in decibels and is the measurement of loudness of the sound. By adding or subtracting frequency, we can customize the bass boost of the amplifier which also make difference in the tone.


Before buying an amplifier, ensure that you have the correct car model and other specs to get the most compatible one. Purchasing an amplifier without any information may make you lose money, and it may not work on your car.


An amplifier comes in three types depending on the channels it has.

  • Mono car amplifier

Mono car amplifier is an amplifier made for low frequency. It has a built-in bass boost and low pass filters. All the amplifiers listed here are Class D mono car amplifiers because these are the best choice as they give high sound quality and less heat..

  • Two-channel amplifier

It is a full-range speaker system for which you must have high pass filters, not the low ones as in mono car amplifiers.

  • Multi-channel amplifiers

Multi-channel amplifiers are made for full-range speakers.

Our best recommendation for best budget mono car amplifier

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

  • Rockford Fosgate is a class D mono car.
  • Its simple design makes it more attractive and highly demanded by the audience.
  • The MOSFET power supply provides high-quality output.
  • The frequency of Rockford Fosgateranges between 20Hz and 50Hz.
  • It has a short circuit protecting feature.
  • Thermal sensing technology gives protection from overheating.

Lanzar Amplifier

  • Lanzaris monoblock best budget car amplifier.
  • It has a power and protection indicator.
  • RCA connectors of this amplifier allow you to have a secure connection.
  • The Line-Out jacks help in connecting multiple amplifiers without using splitter cords.
  •  The frequency response it gives ranges from 10 Hz to 45KHz.
  • The maximum output of the Lanzar amplifier is 3000 W.
  • It comes with a remote bass boost controller.
  • Its adjustable crossover allows you to have improved sound quality.
  • Available in black color.
  • It is reliable and strong and one of the best amplifiers for car speaker.


  • BOSS R1100M is one of the amplifiers having the best car amplifiers reviews.
  • It gives high-quality sound. It gives an output of 2 and 4 ohms.
  • You can remotely adjust bass with its variable system.
  • Its MOSFET technology quickly switches from full to non-conduction for high-efficiency output.
  • The BOSS audio amplifier has a Low pass Crossover system.
  • It has MOSFET technology.
  • It shut off automatically when overheated.
  • Automatic shutoff saves the amplifier from damage.
  • Amp operates without sound distortion.

Planet Audio TR1500

  • Planet Audio is a brand that makes the best budget mono car amplifiers.
  • Planet Audio TR1500 is amazon’s choice.
  • Its MOSFET power supply enhances audio quality.
  • The variable low pass crossover and switchable bass boost make audio customization easy. Like others, it is also great for subwoofers.
  • A variable low pass filter allows you to control frequencies of subwoofers.
  • Its illuminated logo makes it more attractive.
  • Planet amplifier shut off automatically when overheated.


Getting the best budget mono car amplifier is a challenging process that should be carried out vigilantly. Multiple amplifiers look alike but are not. All the sound quality and durability you want in your amplifier only depends on your choice. For the prevention of overheating, always choose Class D technology. Go for the amplifiers that have less distortion and high-frequency range for best results. Always do complete research before buying anything. You can see the buying guide and best budget amplifiers to get an idea of what kind of or which brand amplifier you should choose.