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The first commercial refrigeration was invented in 1854, in 1913 refrigeration was invented for family use. It is one kind of kitchen storage where we keep various types of food, alcoholic items, and fruits also.
We all use a refrigerator to store our food and keep it cold and for being good and do not get spoiled.

There are many types of bacteria in our food. When we keep our food in freeze then the cold temperature damaged this bacteria. The cold temperature keeps our food fresh for a long period.

Various types of relevant products

There are various types of kitchen refrigeration companies in Bangladesh. These are given the below:-

  1. Samsung Refrigerator.
  2. Walton Refrigerator.
  3. Singer Refrigerator.
  4. Toshiba Refrigerator.
  5. Marcel Refrigerator.
  6. Transcom digital Refrigerator.
  7. Minister Refrigerator.
  8. Hitachi Refrigerator.
  9. LG Refrigerator.
  10. Jamuna Refrigerator.

Introduction about this company

Samsung Refrigerator:- Samsung refrigeration is invented in January 1995. Samsung is one of the best brands at the present time. It is popular for its quality and versatility.

Walton Refrigerator:- Walton group of industries founded by S.M Nurul Alam Rizvi in 1977 as a trading company.

Singer Refrigerator:- It was invented as a public limited company in 1983. It’s head office located in Dhaka.

Marcel Refrigerator:- In 1911 general electric company released the refrigerator invented by marcel. It was also called dumbbell refrigerator. It was manufactured from 1911 to 1928.

Toshiba Refrigerator:- Toshiba is a Japanese technology, hybrid bio¬-deodorizer, cool air wrap system.

LG Refrigerator:- The LG is a South Korean global corporation that makes everything from consumer electronics to home appliances.

Transcom Refrigerator:- the Transcom refrigerator was first invented in 1805.

Minister Refrigerator:- It is a Bangladeshi product with world-class technology.

Features out the product considering positive and negative issues:

Since the invention of refrigeration, we have many kinds of advantages and disadvantages also. These are given the below:-

Advantage of Refrigeration

For having kitchen refrigeration we keep our food good and cold, this cold temperature keeps our food stay freshness. Cold temperature damage the bacteria from our food. We also use it as kitchen storage in our kitchen. It also saves much spaces in our kitchen. In hot weather, we can get cold drinks by refrigeration.

The disadvantage of refrigeration

If we think there are a few numbers of disadvantages in kitchen refrigeration. It is an energy running process and it will cost much electricity also. It is being dangerous when anyone can misuse it. When it has to be repaired then it will cost large expenses.

The uses of the product

People use this refrigerator in various ways. Basically refrigerator is used for keeping the food good and cold. This cold temperature keeps the food stay freshness. Our foods are affected by many bacterias and the cold temperature damage this bacteria. So people use this refrigerator for this above reasons.

Conclusion:- kitchen refrigeration is one of the most important things in-home uses. We use a refrigerator in our kitchen in various purposes. For keeping our food good and cold. There are many types of bacteria in our food. The cold temperature damages those bacteria in our food and keeps the food stay fresh.