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best impact Torx bits are 6-sided star-shaped tool devices used to transmit torque to the bolts and screws in order to get the required tightness for secure operation.

Torx is a registered type of screw head, was developed by CamcarTextronin 1967. It has a star-shaped design and is usually seen in cars, motorcycles, bicycle breakers, discs, computing devices, and consumer devices.

Torx bits have different sizes and shapes at both the ends. One end is going to adjust in the screw driver or in the socket and the other end have 6- point star shape to fit in the head of the screw or bolt.

This shape improves the torque by permitting less slippage. If too much pressure is applied, the head or instrument may be harmed. Torx bits are specially designed to prevent cam-outs. It is necessary to use the right bit to allow complete engagement so that the attachment rotates.

The design of Torx allows for a greater torque than a standard hex socket head of equal dimensions without damaging the Torx head, tool and the equipment.

We can understand why the best impact Torx bits in the world are so highlighted. It is because of the unparalled working and wide range of operation of thistool that should never be ignored.

Here we have a list of the 10 best impact Torx bits that are considered as best all over the world. Let us acquire some knowledge about them in detail.

1. Neiko 10071A Torx Bit Socket Set, Metric, T8-T60


Neiko 10071A Torx is made of high-hardness bits of premium S2 steel that lessens wear outs and are long-lasting. This product contains sockets made up of nickel alloyed steel that helps in more power torque and provide a good surface finish with corrosion resistance. It has highly accurate and autonomous machined bit tips for precise size channeled. Neiko Torx bit ends are placed in fixators smoothly and both bits end fasteners are protected against damaging corners. A plastic case is also provided for safety and transportation.

Technical Details

Its manufacturers are Grace Marketing- HI and weigh about 1.35 pounds. Neiko 10071A has a standard style, consisting of one handle. Product dimensions are 8*5*2 inches. its item model number is 10071A.


Features of Neiko10071A Torx Bit includes:

  • For precise and precise size, each Neiko 10071A Torx Bit is machined automatically.
  • The chamfered ends ensure that the bits are placed smoothly and protect the bits and the attachment from damage.
  • The Neiko 10071A Torx bit socket set contains differentsizes, you can’t find normally.
  • Each bit is chopped to securely fit in attachments, so you can easily turn tight attachments.
  • A sturdy molded case for convenient storage if not in use, is included in each set.


  • Neiko 10071A Torx Bit is highly durable.
  • Neiko Torx Bit is Organized and has convenient labeling.
  • Made up of Vanadium Chrome socket that prevents it from corrosion.
  • Have precise torque power and precisely machined bits.
  • Full set of home mechanics so you have to never search for individual sockets.


  • Not long-lasting and easily wear out after short usage.
  • For lightweight work only, It will be perfectly fine.

2. eHomeA2Z E-Torx Female Star Socket Set CR-V Steel E4 


The manufacturers of the product are familiar with their extra efficient products in the market.

This competent toolset is applied in situations within which Torx six end pointed star screws are properly attachable and easily removable. It is normally used by motorcycle mechanics of all popular brands and they highly recommend the product. These sockets are used in seat mount repairs, brake systems, steering columns and computers, TVs, Cd – Rom, and consumer electronics.

Technical Details

The manufacturers are EHOMEA2Z and its Torx bits weigh about 9.2 ounces.

ehomeA2Z package dimensions include 11.8” x 4.2” x 0.9”, having a model number 13. These ehomeA2Z Torx bits are made of chromium-vanadium and are mechanically operated.


The features of EHOMEA2Z Torx bits include:

  • EHOMEA2Z features a practical flex metal storage track to fit the sockets in the case during movements.
  • Due to its chopped plugins, you can quickly place the sockets on tooling and adapters of professional standard brands. it also attaches easily to tools like rockets or wrenches. You can adjust between lengths easily.
  • Most magnetic screwdrivers can collect sockets. Set complies with ANSI standards or exceeds them.


  • It is available in a full range of standard sizes.
  • Fits easily to square adapters.
  • Strong, sturdy, and durable
  • Last lifetime with just appropriate care


  • The size of the E5 EhomeA2Z Torx bit is slightly big, and sometimes during use, it slipped on the bolt.

3. TEKTON 3/8 Inch Drive Torx Socket Set


Star-shaped TEKTON Torx Bits have 6-lobes and Tensile strength Torx bits containing hollow middle for TR fixing. So, It’s a 6-lobe (female) External Star fixing for high-torque fit with E-Star fixing systems. Moreover, its Large markings of die labeled dimensions can be read easily and cannot be removed and four-stop shafts for a secure drive tool connection. Its controlled process ensures that the bits are extremely straight and a tightly matched fit indicates the bits don’t shrink over time or under pressure.

Technical Details

The manufacturers are TEKTON and its Torx bits weigh about 3.9 pounds which makes it easily portable.

TEKTON Torx bits product dimensions are 11.8” x 4.2” x 0.9”, having a 3/8″ Drive Set. it is made up of steel material.

Requires no battery for its operation and is always guaranteed. its item model number is



TEKTON Torx bit features include:

  • S2 steel bit fits into the socket to provide a direct, permanent connection, which cannot be loosened over time.
  • Powerful, accurate bits of steel
  • Formed of heat-treated S2 steel for a hardened bit that is geometrically accurate
  •  Made to accurate tolerances to match the fastener accurately
  • Wrap markers are impressed permanently in the stuff and even in low lighting conditions are clear.


  • Very precise, strong, and sturdy steel bits.
  • It has a secure and safe drive tool engagement.
  • It has larger and stamped markings.


  • Bit cannot be separated from the socket

4. McKay Multifunction, Star 6 Point, Torx Driver Bit Set


Mckay’s provided set is a  Security Tamper Proof. The Torx Architecture Bit Set permits a stronger torque than a conventional hex socket head of a similar size without damaging the head or the tool. It is extremely secure throughout the center of each bit. Widely used in body & trim parts and internal frames.

Technical Details

The manufacturers are McKay and its Torx bits weigh about 2.39 ounces.

McKay Torx bits product dimensions are 5.1” x 1.3” x 0.5”, having a screw is made up of Stainless steel in Taiwan.

No battery is required for its operation. Its pattern is 6 Point- 13 Pc-Tamper Proof. The tooltip is TORX (with a number, e.g. T10, T15, T20).


The features of the McKay Torx bit set includes:

  • McKay Torx Bit Set has been made of S2 stainless steel, hardened and tempered, for a long lifetime.
  •  Includes holder of a red plastic bit.
  •  6-point McKay Torx bit set includes a variety of 13 pieces.
  • Regardless of what you are trying to repair, whether you are a daily car driver, a motorbike/motorcycle rider, or a professional contractor, this Torx Bit set is very practical.


  • Hardened, Sturdy and tempered construction.
  • Significant and high quality.
  • This is also an important tool to repair collisions and auto repair shops.


  • Doesn’t seem like a good tool for heavy usage

5. Neiko 10083A Master Torx Bit Socket and External Torx Socket Set


These Torx bits have Higher-strength of torque means its sustainable steel construction helps reduce wear outs in multiple ways. Neiko’s hex bit socket is integerated with a polished chromium-vanadium steel socket to tighten a multiple fixtures.

Reader don’t need to worry about the damaging attachments. The chamfered ends describe the accurate and precise machining. This is essential for it to fit easily into fixtures and to protect the attachments as well as bits from tearing and wearing.

Technical Details

The manufacturers are Ridgerock Tools Inc. and this item weighs about 1.11 pounds.

Neiko 10083A Torx bits product dimensions are 13.4 x 10 x 1.8 inches, having standard style.

No battery is required for its operation and is made up of premium S2 Alloy steel. its item model number is 10083A.


The features of Neiko 10083A Torx bits are:

  • In a blow molded case, Neiko’s socket set comes to keep sockets composed.
  • The sizes are graved on sockets as well as on the case, so you don’t have to figure out how large they are.
  • Neiko 10083A Torx bits steel vanadium chromium socket finish help in strong power torque.
  • Premium S2 alloy makes it harder and long-lasting so that it lasts numerous products without hampering the quality.


  • Neiko 10083A Torx bits set stay organized and also clutter-free.
  • It has a very secure hold.
  • Organized storage and precision bits
  • Highly durable and exerts stronger torque strength


  • The sockets have a big taper area before their external Torx bites.
  • The case latches are not enough to keep them properly fit when opened.

6. GEARWRENCH 10 Pc. 1/4″ & 3/8″ Drive Long Torx Bit Socket Set


Chromium-bit sockets from GEARWRENCH provide unparalleled speed, strength, and suitable for all work. Large and hard indented markings make it easy to identify and can be registered as SAE (twin-lines) or metric (rubber lines).

The Chrome hex bit sockets come in the most common sizes in standard, medium, and long bit lengths. The bits are made from highly tolerant S2 steel to ensure a precise fit with high performance.

Technical Details:

The manufacturers are GEARWRENCH and this item weighs about 1.55 pounds.

The dimensions of the product are 10 x 7 x 1.1 inches, having a standard style.

Manual operation and is made up of S2 Alloy steel. Its item model number is 80588. The drive size is 1/4″ & 3/8″ and the product has a polished finish.


The following features make this product to be the best in the market.

  • Cold-formed standardized sockets for accurately consistent sizes and greater power. 
  • Perfectly meets ASME standards.
  • The chromium-nickel sockets offer a lifetime of resistance to corrosion. 
  • These are forged to exact black oxide finishes tolerances for a long time. 
  • Torx fit is made of heated carbon steel.
  • The 6-inch length provides easy access to areas difficult to reach.


  • Heat-treated socket basis and S2 alloyed steel give ultra-durability and reliability for a longer experience.
  • Visible and hard punched indentations make the marking easily readable.
  • This product having greater safety with a specially designed blow mold case.
  • The long length of the product makes it helpful in accessing areas that are hard to reach.


  • The tips are non-magnetic.
  • A limited lifetime guarantee is provided by the GREENWRENCH which only covers defects in materials and defects in manufacturing.

7. Craftsman 99941 42 Piece 1/4 and 3/8-inch Drive Bit and Torx


The Craftsman manufacturers has a reputation for delivering the best quality products to its users. This product is second to none. The extra strength, fast working, and good torque because of the best alloying steel material are the advantages attached to it.

The highly polished surface of the wrenches and sockets makes the user remove dust and debris easily. 6” extension bar provides more torque and requires less force for operation. Also, this extension helps the user to reach narrow spaces.

Technical Details:

The manufacturers are Craftsman and this item weighs about 5.35 pounds.

The dimensions of the product are 12.1 x 10.5 x 4.7 inches, based on SAE standards.

It is mechanically operated and is made up of steel. Its item model number is 34845. The manufacturer part number is 934845.


The following features of this product make it the topmost priority of the users.

  • It comes with 42 pieces set including wrenches, bits, and sockets.
  • Sockets are made up of steel which gives them good resistance to corrosion and also enhances product durability.
  • Wrenches have steel alloy materials with push-button that suit the effective working of the tool.
  • Good knurling is done on the wrenches for gripping.
  • Black oxide layer is provided on the bits to combat corrosion.


  • High torque provision with this set.
  • Good corrosion-resistant characteristics of the bit as black-oxide layer do a good job.
  • Manufacturers strictly follow the ASME and SAE standards.
  • Blow mold case for protection.
  • Steel alloy material for ratchets and sockets with good rust-free characteristics.


  • Bits are not removable from the sockets.
  • The case is flat and touches the bits when closed.

8. MAXPOWER 3/8-inch E-Torx Star Socket Set


Another solid product from the top leading brand MAXPOWER. MAXPOWER kept its promise to deliver the best quality to its customers. The product finish is a vanadium-chromium stell that enhances durability and performance to apply good torques to the bolts and screws.

Technical Details:

The manufacturers are MAXPOWER and this item weighs about 1.06 pounds.

The dimensions of the product are 12.7” x 2.8” x 1.7”.

It is manually operated and is made up of steel. The manufacturer part number is MAX-24.


The above-mentioned product has the following features.

  • 9-piece set includes E-Torx star sockets of different sizes.
  • It is the best suit for German automakers nuts.
  • Casting and alloying are of decent quality for best fitting for different diameters.


  • Vanadium chromium is used for the finishing which makes the product more durable, corrosion-resistant, and of long-lasting characteristics.
  • Good torque provision with standardized equipment.
  • Compact rack is provided for easy management of tools in a smaller space.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Sturdy plastic locking storage rack.


  • Case may break after some usage.

9. LEXIVON Tamper Proof Torx Bit Socket Set, Premium S2 Alloy Steel


The LEXIVON has a specific reputation for good standard products. This package is perfectly suitable for DIYers and professionals and ideal for hand-held instruments. It contains all the necessary sizes to work with bikes, cars, appliances, paddling equipment, and machines.

Technical Details:

The manufacturers are LEXIVON and this item weighs about 1.25 pounds.

The dimensions of the product are 7.5” x 5” x 1.5”, based on ANSI standards.

Non-battery manually operated and sockets are made up of vanadium chromium steel. The manufacturer part number is LX-146.


The following features are associated with this product:

  • Bits and sockets are manufactured according to ANSI standards.
  • The set includes 13 pieces of Torx bit sockets that come with 3 drive sizes of 1/4”, 3/8″, and 1/2″.
  • Perfectly heat-treated sockets with vanadium chromium finish for great torque power.
  • Drop-forged bits are extra hardened for long term run.


  • S2 steel allows for good corrosion-resistance power.
  • Vanadium chromium steel induces good torque characteristics to the sockets
  • Good engraved marks for easy visibility of sizes.
  • Bit ends are accurately chamfered for extra strength during operation.


  • Use is limited for domestic purposes.

10.TEMO 10 pc Color Coded T10-T40 6 point Torx Impact


This specific product is manufactured by TEMO which is a leading brand for producing standardized quality products. This 14 piece bit set provides the versatility of colors, operation with different sizes, and good torque power. 

Technical Details

This manually operated product is manufactured by Golden Coulee by using steel material. The product part number is 3132 and weighs 3.98 ounces. Manually operated product with dimensions of 5” x 3.5” x 0.5”. 


This high-quality product has the following features assigned to it.

  • The product material is S2 steel which makes it ultra-durable.
  • Screwdriver insert bit set.
  • 14 pieces are in the set with different sizes.
  • Steel material can provide extra torque power.


  • The best accuracy of the center hole.
  • Bits are tightly fit into the case and will not unload with an open case.
  • Color-coded insert bit set.
  • Corrosion-resistant material.


  • Hinges of the case are most likely to be damaged with the excessive open and close operations.
  • limited to the regular drivers only not for impact drivers.
  • Limited amount of torque power.

Buying Guide of best impact Torx bits

The Torx bits are available in the market with different sizes, materials, labels, and different manufactures. Choosing the best product for suitable use is somehow difficult for new or less tech-savvy people. We are going to provide you a step-by-step buying guide that helps you to acquire the best possible product.

  1. Firstly, you have to search for product manufacturers in the local market or online stores.
  2. You must have to find the size of the product required for your work.
  3. You must know the type of use, if you have a narrow passage to reach the nut you must try a ratchet with an extension rod or you can try a long length bit.
  4. Must choose are you going for regular driver bit or for socket bit. 
  5. We recommend for ratchet and socket fit bit because of their versatility and easy operation.
  6. Choose a bit having a metallic tip.
  7. After choosing the Torx bit size you must focus on its material knowing the fact that the product meets your torque power requirement.
  8. Go for Vanadium Chromium finished socket, and black oxide coated bits. Both of these provide good torque power with resistance to corrosion.
  9. Must have S2 steel for durability. Choose those kits that have a lifetime guarantee.
  10. Finally, after following all these steps buy your required product.

FAQ for best impact Torx bits

1. Are Torx and star bits the same?

Torx is a certified product and needs to be followed by manufacturers on their part. Star bits achieve better than the official Torx bits. The operating side of star bits is accuracy machined for Torx screws, but the bits are Chapman long and kneeling in length.

2. What does a Torx bit look like?

The Torx head system is like a six-pointed star and is referred to for many users simply as star vibrations that require star drivers for the installation of star bits. Torx screw heads are designed to avoid “camming” which helps to hold the screw and the screwdriver or bit.

3. Can I drill a hole with an impact driver?

Yes, an impact driver can be used. The key thing is the bit of the drill. You can make tiny holes with an impact driver that used a basic hex shank drill bit in steel and softwood, but you need a bit of a special impact driver if you’d like to make holes wider than a half-inch in heavy steel, hardwood, or resistance lumber. If not, it snaps out or is released from the hexagon.

4. When should you use an impact driver?

Impact drivers are designed so that long covering screws or bolts are effectively fed into wooden planks, tangible screw anchor fastened into block walls and metal bolts drove. It is not implied for the drilling of a spade bit but it can be useful.

5. Can you use an impact driver to remove bolts?

Yes, you can use an impact driver to remove bolts, technically. To attach a bolt socket to the tool you would need a hex shank to a square drive adapter. But an impact driver may have insufficient torque to lose a rusty/frozen or tightened nut.

6. How do you remove a stripped Torx bolt?

Most often a chisel, a hammer boiler, and heat and lubricating oil work in removing stripped Torx bolts. Heat continues to expand, bolts contract, and breaks the corrosive seal. Using the hammer drill, the bolt is removed by impact and torque. A hammer can occasionally shock the bolt free of just a chisel.


Impact Torx bits are designed to provide the easiest way to tighten the bolt or screw in an efficient manner with less power. Perfectly manufactured Torx bits are available in the market that provides the required torque by adjustment on the torque ratchet by simple pushing the button.

Knowing the above-mentioned quality products in mind one can easily pick the most suitable product for its use. We recommend these products keeping in mind the quality, durability, ease of operation, material, corrosion-resistant characteristics, productivity, torque provision, and the guarantees provided by the manufacturers. 

All the products are based on ASNI, ASME, and SAE standards that increase their productivity during operation and are long-lasting.