Amazon Best Sellers: Best Portable Ice Makers

Introduction: Ice machine is usually referred to as the stand-alone appliance. An ice machine would typically be a complete machine including refrigeration, controls, and dispenser, requiring only connection to power and water supplies.

The ice maker is more undefined with some manufacturers describing their packaged ice machine as an icemaker, while others describe their generators in this way.

A relevant product: FirstBuild Opal is one of the relevant products of an ice machine. It is the only portable ice maker that produces nugget ice.

About FirstBuild Opal

The FirstBuild Opal is the largest and heaviest countertop ice maker in our list. It measures 15.5 by 10.5 inches and weighs about 44 pounds. It’s about the same size as a mini-fridge.

Features of FirstBuild Opal

The ice maker’s relatively large size not only takes up space but causes the machine to work slowly. To produce half a pound of ice it takes nearly one hour which is enough for just 3-4 small drinks. Its top pick the home labs can make enough ice for at least four small drinks by that point.

Here are some good features and bad features of FristBuild Opal

It makes lots of chewable ice right on the countertop, and it doesn’t need a dedicated water line.

The Opal Nugget Ice is expensive, it costs much less than luxury ice makers. It needs regular cleaning. It’s loud, and can’t store the ice for extended time periods.

Uses of FirstBuild Opal

The Opal might be the only portable ice maker that produces nugget ice. Usually, the FristBuild Opal is for opal nugget ice. Which is made by scraping the ice flakes off the inside of a chilled stainless steel cylinder.