best whole house evaporative cooler

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When its summer we always search for something to make our place cool and get some comfort. There are different appliances which we use for the cooling of rooms such as ACs. But if we are living in an area where the temperature remains too high throughout the day or we have big houses, in these types of environments ACs run out of working well. At this point, the best option other than ACs is a whole-house evaporative cooler because they are really helpful for hot environments to make them cooler quickly. So if you are looking for a cold nap on a hot summer day than you must consider a whole-house evaporative cooler. These are also the best alternatives to air conditioners.

One of the main factors we have to consider before buying any appliance for cooling purposes is how much it takes an electric load. When it comes to energy-saving whole-house evaporative coolers win the race and they are considered more effective as compared to its. It will help to cool air more effectively and efficiently inside your home.

Because of the several advantages of the whole house evaporative cooler their prices are also higher than ACs and air conditioners. So whenever we made our mind to buy the whole-house evaporative cooler we always try to choose the best one. Because of the technical aspects involved we always face some trouble choosing the best one.

We did a brief research on the best whole-house evaporative cooler and made a list of best among all.

Things to consider before buying an evaporative cooler


Before buying a whole-house evaporative cooler we must know that if our climate is suitable for the evaporative cooler. In the areas where it is the high level of humidity whole-house evaporative coolers are not effective and you cannot expect some good results. It is really helpful in areas where it is low humidity and it works great in those areas and lowers down up to 20-40 Fahrenheit. So have an idea that whether the cooling system of the evaporative cooler will work for you or not just have a look at humidity rate in your environment.

Control panel and remote control


Some of the advanced evaporative coolers come with different unique features such as a timer. This feature helps set up sleep time. You can set a time and it will work accordingly and will turn off on the time you want it to be turned off in the night without disturbing your sleep.

Remote control

All of the advanced evaporative coolers now come up with a remote control feature. This facility us whenever we don’t want to go physically to turn on or turn off the evaporative cooler. This adds up more comfort and convenience and gives you the taste of freedom.

Water tank

Hose connector

Hose connector is also known as an automatic water level controller. It is one of the most demanded and must-have feature in any evaporative cooler. This will automatically adjust the water volume and you will no more have to pour water manually in the tank which is great pain and it also saves a lot of time.

Here we are with our list of 8 best whole-house evaporative cooler

ONTEL AA-MC4 Arctic Air evaporate cooler

ONTEL AA-MC4 Arctic Air evaporates cooler is one of the few whole-house evaporative coolers who gained such popularity that it gained the best selling. There are many reasons for it and the most important one is that it is one of the most portable whole-house evaporative coolers. Along with many other advantages of buying this whole-house evaporative cooler you can expect it to cover45 sq.ft area.

Because of its portability, you can take it anywhere anytime with you. Doesn’t it sound great? You can take it while traveling or when going on a long trip with family and children.

While making this whole-house evaporative cooler it was noticed that many other evaporative coolers don’t have some filter so to win the race they added a unique feature in this whole-house evaporative cooler. Now, this whole-house evaporative cooler has a pad that helps to filter out the dust particles from the air and provide you clean air to breathe. 

One of the greatest pain of the whole-house evaporative cooler is that you need to refill the tank again and again after a certain time. Because of its portability, you might be wondering that it may require more effort to refill the tank. But you will be glad to know that its full tank of water lasts for up to 8 hours.

It comes with a built-in thermostat, timer, and LCD. These are the most important features that many expensive whole-house evaporative cooler lacks. Its thermostat will help make it eco-friendly. Its timer will assist you in setting up a schedule of turning it on or off. The most wanted feature of LCD enables you to get informed about the current situation.


  • Eco-Friendly functionality
  • Timer
  • LCD feature
  • Filters are washable


  • The water reservoir is only 16 oz.

Honeywell CS071AE Portable evaporative cooler

If you are looking for the best whole-house evaporative cooler with great design than Honeywell CS071AE Portable evaporative cooler can be a great choice for you. It has a classy design that fits in any modern house and gives it a unique look and edge on many other evaporative coolers.

Normally the whole-house evaporative cooler performs best in areas where it is the low humidity level. This whole-house evaporative cooler is also one of them and if you are living in an area where the humidity level is less than 50 than you are good to go with Honeywell CS071AE Portable evaporative cooler. 

It has also moving wheels on its bottom which will be a great comfort whenever you are willing to move it from one place to the other one. One of the greatest advantages of buying this Honeywell CS071AE Portable evaporative cooler is it comes with a built-in water meter that will notify you about the level of the water. It is one of the few whole-house evaporative coolers that are quite. You don’t need to be worried about noise and will experience to sleep comfortably. Along with many other useful benefits, it also consumes very low energy so by having Honeywell CS071AE Portable evaporative cooler in your home you will save a lot of electricity and save money when it comes to bills.


  • Wheels on the bottom make it easier to move
  • Echo-Friendly
  • Quiet and portable
  • Washable filters


  • Sometimes water meter doesn’t give accurate results

COSTWAY evaporative cooler with fan

Costway evaporative is known for its premium design and build quality. It comes with a black and white color combination which gives it a unique look. It also has four wheels at its bottom which will be helpful when you are moving it from one room to the other one. It also has two handles at its sides which can help lift it easily whenever needed. The most important feature Costway evaporative cooler fan is its honeycomb pad. These pads help to filter the air and you can also remove and wash this pad when required.

While keeping in mind the people requirements Costway evaporative cooler also has two ice-crystal boxes that can be used when the temperature is too high and you need cool air. Costway evaporative cooler also offers swing functionality so you can swing the fan and wind will automatically start blowing to right and left.


  • Two handles to lift it easily
  • Four wheels at its bottom
  • A timer to stop or start automatically
  • A large tank of 6L


  • Instructions in the manual are not precise and easy to understand

Honeywell HYF290B Whole Room Tower Fan

When it comes to design Honeywell HYF290B Whole Room Tower Fan beats all of the whole house evaporative cooler we mentioned above. Its slim and round shape attracts many buyers. As described in its name it is like a tower. Honeywell HYF290B Whole Room Tower Fan is one of the most advanced whole-house evaporative coolers and it comes with an 8-speed function. You can control its speed from both manually and touch functionality. It has some premium features such as oscillation. We have seen many evaporative coolers which lack this feature and they are a great pain when we are reading a book or newspaper because they blow a huge amount of air in one direction.

Honeywell HYF290B Whole Room Tower Fan comes with remote control functionality so you can turn it on or off from the comfort of your bed or couch.


  • Weighs less as compared to other evaporative coolers
  • 8-speed functionality
  • Oscillation
  • Timer
  • Premium design


  • Takes time while shifting speed from low to high or high to low

Honeywell CO30XE Portable Evaporative Cooler

Honeywell makes many good quality evaporative coolers and CO30XE Portable Evaporative Cooler is one of the finest. They have been making products since the 19s, is known as one of the oldest to make such products. We all are fans of quality products and reasonable prices, this surely is a top option to try. 

This cooler comes with a large water tank. It stores up to 30 liters of water which is good enough for house use. It is easy to fill the tank as it has no hose hook-up. The product has a digital control system. It has a low water alarm and an energy-saving timer. The remote control is also fitted in it. It has a sleep mode that mimics a natural breeze for the best comfort at night. 

It has a 3-in-1 evaporative cooling system with a fan. It works fine in tough conditions. Its humidification process works well in high humidity. The humidification is adjustable, it let you control the flow of water on honeycomb which is used to adjust the moisture.

We can increase or decrease it by ourselves. It has a carbon dust filter which washes under a faucet for simple maintenance. We don’t require a replacement filter in it. Its fan speed has three control options, it also has the sleep mode for more comfort. Another amazing feature is that it has an ice compartment and oscillating louvers. They are used for better and faster cooling. It also increases the air to reach the max.

Honeywell CO30XE has the power of 288w, producing the output of a cooling area of 320 sq. Ft. This is a good range for the house. It is ideal for places like the living room and bedrooms. It is the best mid-range product you can find. The Honeywell CO30XE Portable Evaporative Cooler can also be used at outdoor places but it will do less cooling in large areas. It works better at medium range like the garage. This stylish product has four plastic wheels, which means you can easily move it. It weighs around 11 kg, which is not heavyweight for such a machine.

This machine provides the safety and maintenance guide which is helpful for users if they read. If you are buying a new Evaporative cooler then you might look for a warranty. This machine comes with 1 year of warranty.


  • Ice compartment 
  • Water alarm 
  • 3-speed options 
  • Wind setting 
  • 30 liters water tank


  • Cooling media access 
  • No ice packs
  • No garden hose connection 

Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler

Luma Comfort EC110S is the product of American based company Luma Comfort. They make home appliances and home comfort objects. This Luma Comfort is a stylish and small portable evaporative cooler. They can easily fit in small places. This cooler is best for small areas and rooms. They adjust easily in rooms. It is a tower fan, its size is 12.75” L × 11.25” W × 3.45H” and its weight is 16 pounds. With the wheels attached at the bottom, it is easy to move the cooler. 

It’s a smart cooler with a cooling range of 250 square feet. It keeps cool in long summers with its good cooling coverage. The cooler has three fan speeds which you can set manually. Cooler use automatic louvers. It has a small fill gauge and timer to check the water level which quite helpful. It has a digital display that shows the current action, it has a small panel of buttons to run the display. The machine features the 500 CFM and it has the tank which holds the 1.76 gallons. It uses climate control for clean evaporation. The system is eco-friendly.

This Luma Comfort EC110S works well in humidity. It provides good quality breeze just like the real one but it doesn’t work well in a large area as it is made for the small rooms. It decreases the 30°F temperature of the room to cool comfort. This product comes with the ice packs. This Evaporative Cooler is more stylish than any other cooler and its performance is surprisingly well. It the small package, it delivers what you need as long as you use it for house purposes. 

The Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler comes with the warranty card of one year. It’s the best choice for bedrooms.


  • Ample power
  • Digital display 
  • Modern design 
  • Good price tag


  • Small water tank 
  • Less efficient

DUOLANG 2647 CFM Evaporative Cooler

DUOLANG makes high-performance coolers. There Evaporative Coolers come with unique specifications. This DUOLANG 2647 is a multi-function machine that performs several tasks. This cooler is designed to give us different air pressures. It can be used as an air conditioner, air purifier, and air humidifier. It can also be used as a fan. This evaporative cooler is best suited for living rooms, garage, and so on. They are mostly used in big rooms. You can easily change its function from fan to air conditioner.

The multifunction is a big factor in buying this cooler. 

This evaporative cooler is best for hot and dry conditions. It works well when the humidity is more than 65%. You can change the cooling of this cooler according to the temperature of the house. Its cool breeze will decrease the temperature of your house. You can also use it outdoor, but it performs best in ventilated rooms. The cooler has a water capacity of 10.8 gallons. It uses a copper motor. The cooler can work for several hours during the night for better sleep. The cooler is powerful and durable for long period.

Its cooling range is about 322.9 sq. Ft and having 2649 CFM airflow with a safety net. These are great stats for evaporative coolers. This product will save you your electricity bills. It is the energy-saving product, not every product provides that saving. It takes hot air through the fitted dust filter in it, then it processes it and gives fresh and cool air which real comfort. It has an ice compartment to cool the air. We can add ice crystal for fast cooling. The dust filter in it is easily removable, we can simply remove it and wash it for better performance. Usually, it needs cleaning after 2,3 weeks. Honeycomb cooling pad is used on three sides to enhanced cooling performance.

It has the control panel which performs Cooler functions. We can easily see the water level of the cooler, how much we need to add. The weight of the product is about 44 pounds. It also has the wheel at the bottom which we can rotate 360. It’s easy to move the cooler. The cooler is overall comfortable and it also provides the warranty. 


  • Dust filter 
  • High-density honeycomb cooling pad


  • Doesn’t work well without ventilated room

Icoostor Personal Space Air Cooler

This portable evaporative air cooler is the most stylish and smartest. This cooler is an absolute bargain, the number features it provides are stunning and with that price tag, it surely is a bargain. We can use it as a personal cooler, fan, and air conditioner. iCoostor 

personal space air cooler is an ultrasonic technology cooler. It cools the temperature and also its air is so moisturizing.

It has a small air conditioning fan making it better. We simply have to add the water and plug its USB cable with a power bank. It uses the latest technology, the USB cable is used to run this machine. It is easy to operate this cooler just have to press the button to start this amazing machine. It has a timer and 3-speed options making it better. We also switch it to auto. You can set the timer to turn it off at night when the temperature becomes too cold. It uses a powerful motor but it produces quite an airflow which very amazing making it the most comfortable evaporative cooler. The cooler won’t make much noise, making it accessible to use it while doing tasks. The cooler is small and such lightweight that it can be easily placed at any place. Its weight is about 2.22 pounds which is the most lightweight cooler on our list. You can place it on your desk when working. 

It has one more amazing function which is light, it has 7 colors of Led mood light which you can also turn off if you don’t like it. This product is safe and is better around kids. It has no such thing to worry about. It also has the handle to move it easily. It works well in humidity as it is multifunction. The water tank in it last for about 8 hours, it has buttons to adjust it. This personal evaporative cooler has waterless protection if the tank runs out of the water then it will automatically shut off then only the fan will run. 

This evaporative cooler is ideal for small places or rooms. Can be used at offices and bedrooms. They can also be used in the kitchen as they are usually hot. This product is only recommended for small rooms, not for big places, they will not work well in big places. 


  • Small size
  • Led lights 
  • Easily movable 


  • Not suitable for a big room
  • Not sure how long it will run

Best recommendation

If you are not tight on budget and searching for the best whole-house evaporative cooler with all the necessary functions than you could buyHoneywell HYF290B Whole Room Tower Fan. It is made according to the latest standards and will meet all of your requirements. Its premium design helps it to fit any type of modern house. It also has oscillation and 8-speed functionality which many expensive whole-house evaporative cooler lacks.


Buying a whole-house evaporative cooler is always a difficult task but we have made things much easier for you. After profound research, we have listed the 8 best whole-house evaporative coolers above. These are all the best and most sold evaporative coolers and you can choose any of them for you according to your budget.