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Pizza is also one kind of food & it’s was first created in Italy. It’s made by putting cheese, sausages, vegetables, tomatoes, spices & herbs over a piece of bread and it’s covered by sauce.

In the world everyone loves pizza. basically kids love to eat pizza. Now all over the world you can easily get & eat pizza because pizza is the favourite food all over the first pizza made or create in Italy & maple, day by day it’s famous all over the world. I personally love pizza because it’s cheese & tasty. Basically pizza has many kinds of taste & it depends on making flavours & items.

Pizza is a junk make people fat but people also love to eat pizza.people are easily growing fat & it’ is the one and only negative side of pizza.

I think pizza is the best food to complete your evening snacks. if you have a little hungry then pizza is the perfect food. The best parts of pizza are all age people love to eat pizza. I seen old people also love to eat pizza.when kids found pizza on their hand they are so happy. That’s why I suggest when you kids cry you just do one thing give the har hand a pizza I’m sure he will happy.

Pizza’s self looks so yummy, crispy & so cheesy. There is no better fill in the world if you have a pizza box in your hand.whene people celebrate any party then pizza is the most common & must-have in their food menu.
Pizza & drink, pasta is the global survey of the world’s favourite become as popular as it starts in Italian food. Now all over the world 1880-1920, they made 4 million of the 20 million who come to us.

Many people dislike pizza because it’s to be high in chlorine, fat & sodium. They think it makes people unhealthy. It’s ok if you enjoy your food but you take care of your health to. Even if it’s not the most nutritious choice.
Pizza must be the most popular food in the world.

I don’t think anyone doesn’t like it. I personally love pizza.i will eat any kinds of pizza all day or night. My favourite pizza is:- hot pizza, spice pizza, cold pizza,& pizza with pineapple. I love half & half pizza because you can get two tastes for the price of one.

You love pizza but you don’t eat it because you growing fat & you warry for your weight I tell you it’s not a good idea. I think you miss the world-famous food pizza in your life.just forget all thing and enjoy your life.

There are many kinds of pizza in the world. Some type of pizza is given below:-
• Neapolitan pizza
• Chicago pizza
• New York pizza
• Sicilian pizza