10 Most Common Mistakes That Everyone in Table Tennis Has Made

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Nobody is perfect, we have already come across this very statement in our life and we also get to hear that even the bests make mistakes and that is correct as well. Especially when it comes to the sports you can always expect a miscued material, that is not supposed to be there but it still remains there. In the game of table tennis where everything happens in a split second, anyone making a mistake shouldn’t be a surprise. But some are so common that almost every player becomes their prey. So here is the list of the 10 most common mistakes that everyone in table tennis has made.

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10. When did you start?

Well, we all are asked this question if there has been some time spent and gone playing the game. All of a sudden when you’re playing those pro shots and people approach you and ask, hey! How long have you been playing this game for? You look quite good! But then you don’t have any idea what to answer because you yourself don’t know what you can answer. So this is quite a situation that rises for anyone.

9. Getting Overconfident

There comes a time when you are performing really well and then things are going to the side of a win. You actually lose the track of the ball and when the score starts flowing against you, you be a little calm. Soon after that when it gets over the top and you are unable to stop the scoring spree your opponent has opened against you. That is when things start crumbling down and you realize that you started up the game-winning and now you have ended up losing. This is embarrassing, never get overconfident.

8. Using Faster Blades

Okay this one is normal, when you start the game there isn’t much of an expert advice surrounding you. Making mistakes is quite normal and if you make them don’t just feel bad and read the first line of this reading again. Soon when you have won your first game and you realize that things are now moving really fast towards the pro level and you need to make a little advancement in your gear and you get yourself a racket that really is fast and doesn’t match your quality for now, you play a shot and it reaches the end of the hall, not just the table.

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7. Wearing improper

So there was a match where you were supposed to reach the last peak of your game and everything that you have is on the line. Right there in the middle, you come with wearing a jeans or a very tight shirt that doesn’t actually let you play the shot to its fill. This is where things go out of hand and you simply don’t make it up to your standard. It’s okay! Hey! The game came out of nowhere and you had to accept the challenge, use this one, it always works.

6. Playing with Pro’s in Starting Days

The spirits and the intentions are touching the sky, you have watched all of the latest YouTube videos and have read all of the latest tricks. You also got a chance to see how the game goes and you’re just 4-5 games in and then you come across a guy who is so good that you don’t know. A game with such person actually destroys all of the confidence. This is a mistake, never go direct to the higher level learn and advance your game step by step.

5. Celebrating Like Crazy, Forgetting People Around

Every single one of us has played that one shot which we know was a real tough deal but for all of the people around the globe who play this game might consider just another shot but on these we all have celebrated like this was the last shot that we could play in our life and then we didn’t even look around that there are people who might judge or beg to differ. This is one awkward moment. But we have all gone through it so it’s totally fine.

4. Buying expensive gear earlier

This one is very common and every single one of us who have been somehow connected to this beautiful game of table tennis had to go through it. It hurts really as you played a couple of games and realized that you need to bring a notch up and make some difference with your performance right there in the middle you put all of your expenses and a monthly saving in getting yourself a nice racket but when you get in the game with one of the finest fire-breathing dragons you just realize that it’s too good and your sill isn’t worthy of keeping it.

3. Not strategizing

Ever came across a feeling of giving a go on almost every shot and expecting the opponent to magically just miss it somehow? Well we all have made this mistake for sure as well. In the beginning, every shot is hit in expectation to be missed but that is also a mistake that every table tennis player has made. You need to ease up in the game and make sure that you strategize before you make your opponent miss on a good shot. That’s table tennis for you.

2. Being overprotective to save and attack

How many times did you coach tell you that you need to keep one sort of a game at one time either you go all defenses or you go all offenses in the beginning of the game of table tennis. But you just fail to bring the balance in between these two plans. Not to mention, pushing long back spin balls.

1. Worrying serving

In the beginning, every single table tennis players take serving to yet another level and takes it very seriously. Every single practice is all about serving right on the third bounce and making sure that its nearly unplayable but working too much on that actually doesn’t leave you much time to work on the other shots and that is a mistake all of us have made.


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