Examples of software suites and software office suites

What is Examples of software suites

Examples of software suites and software office suites “ suites are application-like spreadsheets, word processing, graphics, communication, and groupware-bundle together and sold for a fraction of what the programs would cost if bought individually.
Bundled “unbundled” are jargon one encounters in software and hardware merchandising. Bundled means that components of a system are sold together for a single price. Unbundled means that a system has separate for each component.
software suites


The principal suites are Microsoft office from Microsoft corp. smart suite from lotus crop and perfect office from Novell, inc Microsoft’s office suite consists of programs that separately would cost 1.565. lotus’s smart suite programs separately would cost 1.730. In both cases the suites cost less than half those price-750. And retailers’ discounted prices are usually under although cost is what makes suites attractive to many corporate customers, they have other benefits as well. Microsoft and lotus have taken pains to integrate the look and feel” of the separate programs within the suites to make them to use. “the applications mesh more smoothly in the package from,” says one writer, “and the level of integration is increasing. More and more, they use and reducing the training time.