Examples of Simple Machines Used in Everyday Life

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There are examples of simple machines used in everyday life that make our lives easy and fast. Machines always make people’s work faster and easy so that their lives become dynamic. There are different motives for inventions and development of inventions. Few make machines for business purpose and few make to help people. We actually are surrounded by machines all the time; without using machines we cannot think of a day. Starting from your regular tea maker in the morning to the fan you use for getting air flow, all are machines. Here you will find few different machines that we can be used at our homes and make our daily lives easy, faster and convenient.

Freezing Machine

This machine will help you to preserve your food that gets rotten in normal temperature, for example vegetables, fruits, raw meat, cooked food, etc. If you want to stay away from buying these stuffs daily you need to store them in such a place so that they don’t get rotten. A refrigerator is an amazing invention that lowers the temperature of a certain space to make the stuffs frozen. In it you can keep your food, which will be spoilt in normal temperature and stay relaxed for the entire week.

Cutting Machine

Cutting something sounds a little dangerous though it is a necessary thing that we do regularly. Almost every day we cut our vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. For cutting your food there are machines that do your work easily. If you have a tree with large branches at your home and you need to cut either the entire tree or few branches chainsaw will help you. Most of the cutting machines use electricity to run such as electric cutter, electric chainsaw, etc.

Cooling Machine

During summer when the weather becomes unbearably hot it becomes difficult to stay at home without an air conditioner (AC). Nowadays in the cities we hardly find any tree where we can go and cool our body down. So we have to find another way that will do the same work. We have to use either using a fan oran air conditioner. Using a fan is an old style and it doesn’t provide you cool air like an air conditioner. An AC provides us cold air and makes our room cool and satisfactory. Sometime people, specially the youngstersspend time in shopping mallsso that they get cool air.

Cooking Machines

Earlier we couldn’t think of cooking our food without fire. Nowadays, with the help of different technologies, people not only have started cooking in machines but also depending on them. Using microwave oven is a common picture in houses. There are different cooking machines such as bread toaster, rice cooker, pressure cooker, water heater, tea maker, etc. These machines will help you easily cook or bake your food and save your valuable time.

Cleaning Machines

There are many different cleaning machines that we can use at our homes. Washing machine, vacuum cleaner, pressure washer, dish washer, etc. are few of them. With washing machine you can easily wash your clothes. You just have to insert your dirty clothes that you want to wash in the machine, put some water and detergent and switch on the machine. All your work will be done automatically within a short period of time and it will give your hands some rest.

With a pressure washer you can clean your car, house, patio, fence, etc. by yourself and save money. A dishwasher washes your dirty dishes and keeps your hands dirty. You just have to put your dirty dishes in the machine, switch it on and wait for the work to be done. A vacuum cleaner is used clean the dust from your floors or any other surfaces efficiently. This machine will eats up all the dirt and cleans your floor.

Now it is called the age of technology where people think of staying on moon. Machines made people’s lives easy, smooth and fast. There is always an argument whether technology is making us lazy and numb or doing good to us. We don’t want to go into that argument. We will say that machines make people’s lives faster.