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Hand held showerheads come in many different styles with many choices available.  How do you choose the best replacement hand held shower heads for the elderly?

Hand held shower heads make activities of daily living easier and safer for everyone.  When making the transition from a traditional shower head to a hand held one, there are a lot of different options for you to consider.  Having the ability to take a shower and use a hand held shower head can allow the elderly, those with disabilities, and those that need better control to take showers alone or with limited assistance.

The best hand held shower heads for the elderly depend on your own circumstances.  The need for a different solution can be a hard decision in itself and in many cases is the first step for the elderly or handicapped when making their home more accessible.  This investment in your home and safety is an important one, and one worthy of making an informed decision. 

Deciding on which handheld shower head is best can be a hard choice.  Making sure that you understand your criteria can make sure that you know which hand held shower hose and head combination will be the best for you.  Some of the criteria to consider are: hose length, finish, type of shower head, and shut off method.

When choosing your next handheld shower head, you need to have your goals in mind.  To do that, knowing what you’re looking for is key.  Will you be using the shower head mostly, or will a caregiver or family member?  Is hose length something that is important to you?  Do you need a dual head shower head or one that has special features?  I know there are a lot of choices, but, we’ll guide you through choosing the best hand held shower head that will meet your needs.

Once you know what you’re interested in, the next thing to consider is price.  While most handhelds are less than 100 dollars, you may find that you are interested in one that is more expensive.  Also, finish can affect the prize.  A bronze shower head could be more expensive than a more plain alternative.  Keeping this in mind, with the criteria that you need, will make sure that you pick the best choice for you and your family.

1. HOMELODY Shower System Kit 5 inch high-pressure shower head

This multi-function handheld shower head comes with 6 spray settings including: power rain, stay-warm mist, massage, water-saving economy rain, power mist and pause.  No matter that type of pressure that you prefer, this multi-function handheld can customize your experience to have the best shower you’ve had in years!  There’s even 35 different combinations!  This customized experience is definitely one of a kind and a worthy investment in your self care routine!

The shower head also has anti-clog spray nozzles to help remove mineral deposits for ease of use and keeping the shower head clean.  This one of the best hand held showers heads for seniors. The Stainless steel built makes it an appealing option especially due to the anti-corrosive properties. The showerhead is also made with brushed nickel. This is a nontoxic material that is also anti-rust and doesn’t leach lead into the water. With a 60 inch hose, the added length can allow for assistance and is one of the best handicap accessible showerheads.

The shower head kit also meters the water temperature to make sure that you’re safe.  Ranging from 4 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the shower will be cool in the summer and hot in the winter, but not scalding.  This added safety feature is great for the handicapped and elderly populations!

The flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute shows that this handheld doesn’t lack power.  With it weighing in at 4.27 pounds, it is a bit on the heavy side, but with the options and longer hose, this is still a great option!  The 5-inch dual shower heads also allow for a large surface area and a luxurious shower experience!

Overall, the HOMELODY Shower System Kit is a great option for those that are looking for variable water pressure at a decent price point.  While there are more lightweight options, this is a great, reliable first choice.  Would definitely recommend this to a family member who is looking for the best handheld shower head with an extra-long hose.


  • Brand: Homelody
  • Model:5 inch High-Pressure Head with Valve 35 Settings 3-Way Water Diverter.
  • Weight:4.27 pounds


  • Temperature metered to reduce scalding
  • High water pressure output
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • 35 different settings


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Only one finish choice

2. Newentor High-Pressure Shower Head

The Newentor High-Pressure Shower Head with Handheld 6 spray settings shower head is a great economy choice at less than 35 dollars.  While there are more expensive options, the value that you get with the Newentor makes this a real contender for the best handheld showerheads for seniors on budgets.

The Newentor also has single-hand adjustment.  This allows the user to easily switch through the six different settings for the ultimate shower experience.  The six settings for the Newentor are spray, massage, mist, mist and spray, spray and massage, and mist and massage.  This combination makes this a good choice for not only taking showers but for cleaning, bathing pets, and massages.  In recent tests, the single-hand adjustment has survived over one million presses.  This means that this is the one you’re looking for if you need it to last.

The other unique thing about the Newentor is that it has an ergonomic square design.  This allows for better coverage and gives it a spa look.  The nozzles are made of silicone and are great for those with hard water.  The nozzles are also anti-clog and easy to clean!

The 59-inch shower hose is also flexible but is anti-kink for ease of use.  The inner hose is braided nylon to make it leak-proof and durable.  There’s also an angle-adjustable shower arm bracket that makes it easy to install and use.  The angle-adjustable shower arm bracket also makes it easy to bathe pets and clean without the hose kinking or stretching.

Weighing in at 1.46 pounds, this is a great choice for the elderly or those with weight restrictions.  This is definitely the best lightweight handheld shower head.  The nylon material makes it super durable also. 

The Newentor is a great combination of being lightweight, having a spa-like feel, and being a great, affordable choice.  If you’re looking for the best of all worlds, the Newentor is definitely a front runner that you should consider and one of the best hand held shower heads for the elderly.


  • Brand: Newentor
  • Model: Pelagia
  • Weight: 1.46 pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic Square Design
  • Single Hand Adjustment


  • No temperature sensor
  • No pause function
  • Low amount of nozzles

3. TOOL TOO High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head,

The Tooltoo is an affordable hand held shower head and hose combination.  With 6 spray settings and 1 flushing setting, this 7 setting shower head is one of the most customizable for any shower experience.  The 7 settings are: rainfall, massage, rainfall and massage, mist, rainfall and mist, water saving mode, and waterfall flusher mode. 

The waterfall flusher mode is really unique.  It makes the back of the showerhead useful and the water flows in a jet out the top of the showerhead.  This is specifically designed to help clean the shower enclosure and bathtub. This characteristic feature is ideal as a shower head for handicaps. Shower gels supply water in the form of pressured jet sprays on one side while mist like the smooth flow on the other side. This unique combination allows you to have all the benefits of the spa at home and keep it easy to clean too!

The shower head itself has 57 nozzles!  These nozzles include 15 ABS nozzles and 42 silicone nozzles.  This combination makes each setting feel completely different and unique.  This isn’t your run of the mill shower head but each set is a completely different experience!  The nozzles are also self-cleaning and anti-clogging to make sure that you’re not having to clean them after each use.  This easy clean-up is great for those with disabilities or children.

The Tooltoo is also easy to install and tool-free!  This means that you don’t need to hire a handyman or have a ton of tools to be able to install this handheld shower head.  This can install in a few minutes and includes a kit that has everything that you need including plumbers tape, instructions, and hardware.

The chrome, silicon, and ABS work together to make an easy to maintain showerhead that will last the test of time and at 1.83 pounds, is a good choice for those that want a lightweight shower head for daily use.

The Tooltoo is perfect for those looking to bring the spa experience into their home and who need a self-cleaning shower head that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.  Combined with a good price point, the Tooltoo is a great combination choice.


  • Brand: Tool too
  • Model: High-Pressure Handheld Showerhead with 6 Spray settings and 1 Flushing function
  • Weight:1.83 pounds


  • Flushing function
  • Great value
  • Low maintenance
  • Self-cleaning


  • Low amount of nozzles
  • Only one finish selection

4. HO2ME High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray

The HO2ME High Pressure Handheld Shower Head is a cheap handheld shower head that can get the job done but doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles.  If you’re looking for an economy option, this may be a good choice to consider.

This model has rubber nozzles.  These nozzles help to reduce the buildup of minerals.  Unlike other self-cleaning options, you’ll need to rub the nozzles and reduce the buildup with your fingers.  While this is still an easy to clean solution, it is not as user friendly and easy to maintain as some of the other options available to you. Although it is not amongst the hand held shower heads with complete shut-off, still, it manages to be a personal favorite for some of the customers.

The HO2ME also only has 3 different spray functions.  The functions are powerful shooting, pulse massage, and mixed.  There are no mist functions and not a lot of combinations.  If you are looking for a simpler handheld shower head, this could be an option for you to consider.

The bracket, hose, and bracket all have a chrome finish.  Chrome is great for durability and aesthetics.  If you have a modern or clean aesthetic, this would be a great choice.  With a 79 inch hose, this is also one of the longest hoses available.  This increases its ease of use and makes this a great contender when hose length is a consideration.

The HO2ME is specifically designed for those that have lower water pressure.  This is great for those that can’t use other models due to too low of water pressure.  If you have lower water pressure this is definitely the one for you to choose.

The HO2ME is a great affordable option if you have lower water pressure and aren’t interested in a lot of bells and whistles.  If you’re looking for something that just fits the bill without too many extras, this is a great choice.  If you want to have a customizable spa experience, you probably should choose a different option.


  • Brand: HO2ME
  • Model:R02
  • Weight:1.1 pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Rubber nozzles
  • Great value


  • Low amount of nozzles
  • Only one finish selection
  • Simple

5. WASSA High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

The Wassa has 9 different settings making this a great option for those that like as many different sensations as possible.  The nine different settings are: soft spray, intense spray, misty and intense spray, misty, saturating and misty, saturating spray, saturating and massage, massage, and pause.  These combinations take it over the top for a completely unique shower experience!

The shower head has 41 silicone jets.  Silicone helps to prevent the buildup of lime and/or hard water.  It also has a 15 stage filter to remove harmful ingredients.  This is a great solution for people who have issues with their skin and can help your skin, nails, and hair remain healthy.  It is especially good for those with eczema, dandruff, and/or itchy skin.

At 1.27 pounds, the Wassa is also one of our lightest options.  This is a great handicap shower head since it is so lightweight.  With a 360-degree adjustable shower arm mount, this is a very handicap friendly solution.

The Wassa is a great, affordable shower head with a ton of great options.  With 9 different settings, a built-in filter, and being so lightweight, the Wassa is one of the best hand held shower heads for the elderly. 


  • Brand: WASSA
  • Model:WS120
  • Weight:1.27 pounds


  • Nine different functions
  • Pause for water conservation
  • Silicone jets to remove buildup


  • One finish selection
  • Not the best choice for low water pressure

6. SR Sun Rise Handheld Shower Head

The 8-foot long shower hose is one Shower is amongst the top handheld shower heads with a long hose.  This allows you to use it outside of the shower to help clean your entire bathroom, makes pet baths a breeze, and can reach any angle needed whether you are showering or bathing.  This longer hose is a game-changer and is made of stainless steel for added durability.

The showerhead also has 77 nozzles including 4 powerful mist nozzles, 31 self-cleaning medical TPE nozzles, and 42 powerful ABS Nozzles.  The ABS and Self-Cleaning nozzles both are easy to clean and great for those with hard water.  

It also has 6 different spray settings to enrich your showering experience.  The settings are rainfall, rainfall and trickle, power massage, rainfall and spray, power spray, and water save trickle.  While it’s not a complete pause, the water save trickle does help to conserve water.

The chrome finish is also durable and looks great!  With the Teflon tape, washers, and instructions included, you have everything you need to set up you’re shower head for elderly family members quickly and easily whether you have tools or not.

The Sun Rise also gives you 24-hour customer support to make sure that there are no issues with installation or the product.  This added peace of mind can be the difference in finishing the installation or not.  No matter when you’ll have someone available to help if you get stuck.  This can be huge for those that aren’t handy.

The Sun Rise is a great option if you’re looking for an extra-long hose.  With the added customer support and included materials, this is a great choice if you’re not handy or have a handyman available to help you.


  • Brand: Sunrise
  • Model:ARB011-GG
  • Weight:2.11 pounds


  • Water saving trickle function
  • Brass ball joint shower arm mount for ultimate flexibility
  • Long hose
  • No tools needed for installation.


  • Not a lot of nozzles
  • Not the best choice for low water pressure

7.  PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head Unit with Powerful Shower Spray

The PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head Unit is a great choice for those that do not live in a normal home or apartment. This is one of the leading hand held Shower heads for the elderly, Hindware has mustered great customer support.  Specialized to work with the lower water pressure in an RV, this option is great for those in alternative living arrangements that still need to be able to have a handheld shower head option.

Light yellow in color, this also does not feature a metal-like or chrome finish.  This stylish option is great for those that like a bit more color in their lives.

The showerhead also increases the water flow to produce a higher water pressure.  While RVs have historically low water pressure, this is a great option.  It also has a hose clamp to aid in storage.  With the reduced amount of space in an RV, storage is always something that is important in any decision.

The PIH also has three settings.  They are powerful shooting, pulse massage, and pause.  While it does not have a lot of extra, it does give you the base options to have some variability.  When water is at a premium, a handheld shower head with shut off can help reduce water consumption by a huge amount.  

With a 59-inch hose, you can easily reach wherever you need to do to increase your shower satisfaction.  With the reduced amount of space in an RV aside, you can easily shower with the long hose that it provided.  The hose is flexible for greater ease of use.

If you are stuck in an RV but still need a handheld showerhead, the PIH is a great option.  The increased water pressure alone makes this something to consider for all those that are living alternative lifestyles or in tiny homes.  If you are in a traditional home, there may be better options.


  • Brand: Sunrise
  • Model: ARB011-GG
  • Weight:2.11 pounds


  • Meant for RVs
  • Colorful finish
  • Great value


  • Shorter Hose
  • Meant for RVs
  • Simple design

8. Moen 26009 Engage Magnetix Handheld Shower Head

The Moen 26009 is the high-class handheld shower head with all the bells and whistles that you’ve been looking for.  This chromed-out shower head will last due to its durable, versatile design. This bronze handheld showerhead has a very elegant design and sturdy built.

The thing that sets the Moen 26009 apart?  The magnetic base.  The base acts as a docking station for the showerhead.  This reduces accidents and the showerhead not fitting correctly back into the support.  The magnets are unique and a great addition to the design.

The dual shower head with a slide bar is designed to customize your experience even more.  With two shower heads, you can have the best of both worlds.  You even have the option of using both at once for added customization.

The Moen 26009 has 6 different settings including rinse, massage, relaxing massage, soothing massage, wide-coverage, and pause.  The three different massage settings really allow for increased comfort and a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home.

At 3.04 pounds, this is one of the heavier options.  With the dual heads, those that need a lightweight option might want to steer clear of the Moen 26009.  Those that are looking for a tailored, spa-like experience at home would be very happy with this choice. The added benefit of the magnetic docking base cannot be overlooked either.


  • Brand: Moen
  • Model:26009
  • Weight:3.04 pounds


  • Brand reputation
  • Dual heads
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Magnetic Dock


  • Heavy
  • Large

9. Hammerhead all metal hand held shower head

The Hammerhead is an all-metal handheld shower head with a beautiful array of metal finishes including polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze/matte black, and polished brass.  The heavy-duty shower head is made with commercial-grade materials and is built to last.  This means that the Hammerhead is a great choice for those that are looking to buy a handheld showerhead once.

This American based company only uses commercial-grade materials and focuses on making them with only metal.  They claim that it reduces cleaning and maintenance.  The design is great and very classic making this a great choice for those looking for a great traditional aesthetic.  With great finishes too, it’ll be a great style choice no matter what you’re into.

While it doesn’t have any functions or different spray settings, what it does do, it does well.  It delivers the industry max, meaning that you’ll get 2.5 gallons per minute.  If you’re looking for a reliable, standard handheld, this is a great choice for you.  A lowes water pressure gauge confirms that at 2.5 gallons, it pushes more water than most of the competition!

With a combination of stainless steel and lead-free brass, the construction of this handheld is heavy-duty and built to last.  Only the nozzles are silicone.  Silicone is great against hard water and mineral buildup.

Installation is easy and they’ve included everything that you need.  They also have videos to help make installation a breeze.  At 1.7 pounds, it’s the middle of the road regarding weight.

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t have the bells and whistles but is built to last and look great too, the Hammerhead is a great choice.  This could be a great handicap shower head to do to the lack of options and buttons.


  • Brand: HammerHead Showers
  • Model:HH-HandHeld-ORB
  • Weight:1.7 pounds


  • All metal
  • Multiple finish options
  • Videos and customer service available


  • No variable settings
  • Very simple

10. Chrider Handheld Shower Head

The Chrider Handheld Shower Head is a cheap solution if you are motivated by price.  The Chider boasts no tool install and installation in minutes.  There is only one connection that needs to be hand-tightened.  This easy install makes the Chrider a great choice for a hand held shower hose.

The Chrider has five settings.  They are rainfall shower, power massage, waterfall mist, shower with power massage, and shower with waterfall mist.  This doesn’t allow for a lot of variation but gives some ability to customize the shower experience.  If you’re looking for a lot of choices, a different hand held shower head with complete shutoff may be a better one.

Medical grade silicone nozzles ensure that there are no toxins or lead and give added peace of mind.  Plus, the silicone makes the nozzles easy to clean.  They even use electroplate design.  This ensures that the metal retains its luster and keeps it bright and glossy.

The bracket is adjustable and can ensure that you have the water streaming from the right angle for the ultimate showering experience.  The 60-inch hose also allows you to reach all those hard to reach places.  They even include a filter disk to make sure that only the cleanest, freshest water is going through it!

There’s also a no-risk guarantee to make sure that you’re happy with your choice.  If you’re not happy, they are committed to making it right!

If you’re looking for an economical option that still gives you a great spa experience, the Childer is a great option.  While there are some bells and whistles that it doesn’t have, it hits most of the boxes and is a great choice on a budget.


  • Brand: Chrider Co. Ltd
  • Model: LD-0021
  • Weight:1.32 pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • No tools required


  • No pause function to conserve water
  • Only one finish selection
  • Not a lot of nozzles

Buying guide

Adjustability:  Handheld shower heads are quite popular in the public due to their easy movement and high portability. For example, a dual shower head with a slide bar is highly preferred option since you can adjust the height of shower head and water stream using the slide bar. Best showerheads to buy include those, which are easily adjustable in terms of height, water stream, movement, etc. Many handheld showerheads come with angle adjustments, which makes it easier for bathing and use by handicapped as well as normal people.

Installation: Best handheld showerheads for elderly are those, which demand very little effort yet give the best results. Many handheld showerheads need professional installation helsp especially when they are wall mounted which costs for increased expenditure and maintenance. Whereas hand held showerheads offer quick and easy installation by the use of wall hooks and mounts.

Weight: The handheld showerheads are available in different weight categories. You should choose the one which best suits your requirements and needs. For an instance, if you have kids in your home you shall buy a showerhead, which is lightweight and easy to carry. Heavy showerheads can cause pain and discomfort in your hand and wrist while using. Lightweight handheld showerheads increase the convenience and comfort while bathing.

Material:  Showerheads are made up of different materials like ABS plastic, stainless steel, bronze or copper. Stainless steel showerheads are easy to clean and are more durable compared to the other materials. ABS plastic showerheads are less durable than stainless steel bodied showerheads but can be chrome plated to give a shiny appearance and are more cost effective option.

Price: Price plays an important role in deciding which showerhead to buy. You must choose the one which best suits your budget range and offers excellent features within the given price range. Many handicap accessible showerheads are available at low or moderate prices. You must not go for highly expensive showerheads or very cheap, as they might fail to give you the desired quality in the price range you offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should one look for when comparing hand held shower heads for the elderly?

The weight, functions, settings, and installation are all key to making a decision.  Finish and cleaning are also important to consider.

  • Are there handicap shower head accessories?

Many of the hand held shower heads come with the hose, mounting bracket, and shower head.  Some of them have additional accessories, specifically the Moen and Childer options.

  • What do I need to install a handheld shower head?

It varies with the unit.  Sometimes you just need to twist on an attachment and some are a full-blown installation.  Most of them include what you need and are simple enough that you can do them yourself without calling a plumber.

  • Does a handheld shower head affect the water pressure?

The short answer is yes.  While some may increase the water pressure, some have restrictors to reduce it.  Depending on your needs, there are many options to make sure that you have adequate water pressure.


While there is a lot of hand held shower heads for the elderly that you may consider, it’s important to make sure that it meets your specific needs.  Take into consideration the weight and settings to see which best meets your needs.  

A longer hose may make some things easier but could end up getting in the way.  Do you need one that is self-cleaning?  Do you need one with dual shower heads?  Will you have someone available to help you or will you be self-bathing?  

Whatever your needs, there’s a handheld shower head available to best meet and exceed your expectations all while within your budget!  Make a list of what’s most important and use your buyer’s guide to weed out those that don’t fit.  I know that there’s a handheld shower head that will work for you and your family no matter what’s important. 

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