Types of Healthy Dog Food Brands – Dog Food Analysis

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You already know about all types of dog foods. Many kinds of food you feed your dog; freeze-dried, dehydrated dog food, wet canned dog food, dry dog food kibble. You can pick two varieties of dog food, well-balanced dog food and grain free dog food. Before choosing dog foods, you have to know that what kinds of food your dog’s chosen.  You have many criteria to pick best dry food brand. But you have to about brand quality then you can choose best brand foods. There are ten factors that will help you to determine the best dog food brand.

Types of dog food brands

Healthy Dog Food Brands Categories

Balanced Dog Food: It doesn’t contain foul ingredients and generic animal fats, artificial flavorings or coloring agents, unknown or anonymous ingredients, suspicious or controversial ingredients, chemical or artificial preservatives. Ideal dog food has a disclosure of manufacturing location and ingredient sources, low amount of carbohydrates and grains, ratio between fat and protein that 60-80%, met most of AAFCO and organizational requirements, high protein percentage and high-quality protein source. So if any brand comes into these criteria, you should buy. Healthy dog food brands have good quality and it safe for your dogs to eat. Four different types of dog food, follow the under below.

Dry Dog Food: We all know dry food is the most economical type of commercial dog food for that many owners choose it for their pet dog. It has the low moisture content. They include flake foods, extruded foods and biscuits or mixers. There are some benefits of dry or Orijen food for dogs; it cleans your dog teeth, which aids in dental hygiene. Your dog can chew crunchy dry food helps reducing tartar buildup. This type of food often packs in bags, but biscuits are packed in smaller boxes. Dry food, such as is still containing meat. This type of dry food doesn’t need to be refrigerated because it doesn’t expire as fast as other types of canine food. Dry food contains a low moisture content so you need a fresh water supply of water available at all times as eating dry kibble for your dog. It is easier to serve to your pet. Because there is no cooking preparation involved.

Wet Dog Food: Some owners are choosing canned or wet food for their pet. You can find it any supermarket but it can be expensive. Canned food has the very high moisture content. This dog food is soggy and easier for senior dogs or dogs with poor dental health. It requires no chewing. It usually cooked at high temperatures in order to sterilize. This food packed in cans and foil trays. It may be meatloaf form, chunks jelly in gravy. If you want, you can buy refrigerated and frozen moist food too. But this type of food is more expensive. Actually, you need to pay attention to the protein and water content. It has the higher the water content and fewer nutrients. So your dog can’t get daily nutritional requirement.

Semi-moist dog food:  Semi-moist food is shaped like chops, burgers or other meaty foods. It has the least nutritional of all dog foods and contains many artificial flavors and colorings. This food is not a popular form of dog food. Experts are not recommended this type of diet. You can give your dog occasional treat. It does not provide the nutrition that your pup needs.

Raw Foods: Raw dog food available in frozen or freeze-dried formats. It consists of raw meat, with some bones and organs mixed in. You know bones are a natural source of calcium. This diet is working well, many experts recommending this type diet and it expensive too. You have to keep it at cold temperature and you can use it 2 or 3 days by refrigerator it. This food is helping to easily consume and digest raw food.

Whichever diet you choose, remember safe handling is a must when it comes to frozen and freeze-dried dog food. After every meal, you should wash the bowl in hot soapy water and completely dried before being reused. You have to wash your hand before touched your dog’s meal. When you store pet food in the fridge ensure raw products are the bottom. You can find all instruction on each package.

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