How To Fix A Blown Head Gasket Without Replacing It

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This article wrote by our auto experts who try to fix a blown head gasket without replacing it. You can  repair your car with blue devil head gasket sealer or any other best head gasket sealer.  It says to start the engine cold which as you can see it’s cold.

We got the reservoir cap off. Make sure it already had emptied out enough to add the bluedevils to the reservoir. We’re going to go ahead see if this beast will start and watch what happens. It started set the heat on high. It says all right looks like that’s all it’s going to go defrost out to get. You should come in with check engine light flashing bad. You should hit and it’s punched a hole in the bottle there top of it. You can use Blue Devil head gasket sealer which is the top quality sealer of the market. People use it to fix head gasket sealing problem. After pouring into the cap slowly replace radiator let idle with tap on for 50 minutes and then to top it off with your regular antifreeze. And that folks is how quick you can repair a head gasket permanently and as long as it not too bad for a leak. It should seal it up.

How To Fix A Blown Head Gasket Without Replacing It

Explanation from our experts about the test: They actually did the experiment with our 97 Malibu and tried bars lead and all the other crap with little particles in it and it didn’t work. So they put some steel cylinder and it actually worked. They drove it for probably another 4 months or 5 months and it took care of the problem. The only problem was that all the little particles from all the bars leaking everything sealed up from the radiator to the reserve tank. It got low on water and overheated.

symptom of gasket failure

The team of experts wouldn’t recommend bars leak at all unless maybe you have an ancient big block. May be it’d be alright but the 4 bangers too many little small holes. You’re going to regret it and you’re just going to clog everything up. The car’s that our experts tested got water in the oil and crank it up the other day, just blew out tons of water in the back.

  • The head of our expert team Matt Mills said, “Using a head gasket sealer is a lot better than paying thousands dollar replacing a head gasket. We’re doing you and all the time especially for an old car that’s not really worth much. I guess we’ll let it run in there for a little and hopefully it will works for your car.”

They started after about 15-20 minutes out. You’re trying to get crank it’s so bad when it’s blowing out water all over the place, actually took out one of the plugs and water just poured out of it. That gives you a little indication of how bad this head gaskets blown. They got it running hopefully, it will stay running for the hour.  After 40 minutes, letting the car let’s stop smoking on pretty much stop blowing out stuff for the most part. You feel sounding a little better so skipping a little bit knocking a little bit; it’s probably because it’s got water Newall.

You have to know take all oil out and everything had to release adjust your radiator tap. Building up too much pressure from all the bubbles from the blow head gasket. The car and the battery ran low from just trying to start it for so long. They’re hanging around 900 rpms in gauges, little habits probably burned out. Let engine cool down and put some water in the radiator. It will take only 50 minutes of the total procedures.


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