K Seal Head Gasket Repair Reviews

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K Seal Head Gasket Repair

Our experts tested K-Seal and write up the article about K seal head gasket repair reviews. It’s a permanent coolant leak repair for internal combustion engines (diesel or petrol). It’s designed to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars well if you’ve got a lorry and it’s stuck on a motorway it can save you many thousands.

It’s a permanent repair when it fixed the cracked head. There’s a study running at Brighton University and it’s been funded by the UK government to fully test all capabilities of this. It’s already been tested for a year and it’s reached a certain American Standard. It’s the first one who said let’s reach the standard and they’re going to be studying it for another 3 years. The product is made in America. Apparently, there are two sizes of the product: small size for typical cars and large size which is going to be for Lorries which with larger amounts of coolant. There’s a 3rd product called the ultimate and that’s the engineer about this you know what was this ultimate product.

  • Note: Best added to an empty header tank. READ THE INSTRUCTION!

It’s got a 30% more formula and it’s got some additional power also to fix the head gasket sealer faster. According to the last report, it apparently works in 98% of all cases. It’s worthwhile reading the instructions if it’s going to save you the ground instructions on the back of the bottle.

  • Tips: Before installing you should give it a good shake. It depends on how long it’s been stood on the shelf and everything so it could have settled. It does advise shaking it for 30 seconds.

The vapor that was coming out is the small quantity of vapor coming out of the exhaust. In the end were with just residual water that was left in the exhaust system. You can search on google and see the documentation from the test studies from Brighton University about the product.

  • Warning: K-Seal can be added to a hot or cold radiator. If adding a hot radiator, firstly remove the rad cap before warming the engine.

K Seal Head Gasket Repair Review

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