Leaking shock absorber| Causes and Repair

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All the cars and vehicles in the market have at least one shock absorber for each wheel. The leaking shock absorber can happen because of old shocks or accidents. 

Parts of the vehicle suspension are shock absorbers and struts. They suck up road bumps and bad roads with shocks and keep your car running smooth and stable. They also capture the springs’ energy to prevent the car from bouncing frequently.

As the wheel to which it is attache moves up and down, a shock absorber or strut consisting of one or more pistons that flow through a dense fluid. The piston’s motion through the oil transform into mechanical power to heat, dampens the vibration, and helps to stop it with each bump, this helps to avoid the wheel from jumping.

What causes the Leaking shock absorber?

The shock absorbers and struts are fully loading with oil. If your vehicle mechanic finds out that a rear shock absorber is leaking during an inspection, it needs to replace, as it will stop working without a proper level of oil. On the other hand even without any noticeable leaks, often a shock absorber can stop working.

There are several reasons for leaking the rear strut or shock absorber of your vehicle. The main and common thing is-

  1. Age- due to older shocks
  2. Accident- if happened any accident.


Shocks age is one of the important parts of your vehicle leakage problem. Every shock when it getting old and you feel that vehicle is bouncing even on a plain surface, you should change.

Advance shock absorbers and struts designed to last many years and more than 50,000 miles. Sometimes the seals wear out eventually and they start leaking. A shock absorber replacement time or mileage define by the user manual, but this is a guideline, not an exact age, or a guarantee not to face leakage problems. It depends on the driving manner, road surface, and also how much dust the shocks encountered.


An accident can cause your vehicle shock leakage. But you should bear in mind that an accident can happen because of bad shocks or struts. It is more likely that a car driving on damaged struts would lose road contact. Worst of all, drivers frequently cause accidents by over-correcting in a swerving scenario. A car whose handling has been seriously reducing,  by bad shocks is making this issue even worse.  So, in that case, it is very important to change your bad struts immediately. 

However, Any accident involving the suspension has the ability to damage the shock absorbers. It is almost always appropriate to repair a bent or dented shock with the best replacement shocks. The mechanics will check your shocks after a major accident to see if they need any replacing. Because there is much more possibility to be leakage from your vehicle shocks. 

How to repair a leaking shock absorber?

If fluid leaks from your vehicle shocks, that means you are facing a major problem. There is both a piston and hydraulic fluid in any shock. The piston pushes against the hydraulic fluid while driving over a bump or a difficult stretch of road, and the fluid consumed the piston’s power, reducing the effect you experience in the cabin of the car.

The shock or strut will be leaking out fluid if this device is damage.  It is perfectly natural to leak a little, but if the vehicle shocks appear damp and oily, that’s the reason for concern. Quit enough leakage will cause significant damage to their suspension system,

Almost always important to change the shocks when either of these things goes wrong, since they are typical can’t be fixed or easily refilled. Also, removing a defective shock as quickly as possible is crucial. Because of too much wheel bouncing, a vehicle with a damaged shock absorber is becoming hard to control in an urgent situation.

Do all shock absorbers or struts have to change? if just one is leaking? It’s not mandatory but the expert always recommends replacing both front shock absorbers or both posterior shocks in pairs. That’s because road bumps would be better absorbed by a fresh shock absorber than the existing one. When you replace only one shock absorber when driving over obstacles. It can create “unevenness” from left to right.

In case of leakage one shocks, may you will not need to change both if your car is new, or if you replace recently one of them. 

How do you know the shocks need to change?

Bounciness and/or knocking while driving over bumps are the signs. It may feel slightly stable and smooth in the vehicle than it was before. You can find that after running over a pothole, your car keeps bouncing left to right. 

Your mechanic can do a fast “bounce test” to identify a poor or damage shock absorber, where every other corner of the vehicle is ground down and released quickly. The corner will continue to jump up and down faster with the bad shock absorber. while the corners with the power unit will stabilize slowly and therefore not bounce more than twice. 


If you are sure about leaking shocks, it must have to repair as soon as possible. Shock absorbers or struts is one of the major components for your smooth and secure drive. 

After an accident, if you face a leaking shock absorber issue from your vehicle, we will suggest you o get help from an expert mechanic. They should control your existing shocks or struts if they need replacement with the best shock absorber.