5 Mobile Phone Accessories List |To Make Your Life Smarter

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Hope you are carrying a smartphone with you right now. So there are almost unlimited opportunities for you to use it in many smart ways to improve the way you do various things. Here I am going to introduce a few ways which you can try implementing in your lifestyle.

Wireless Charging


How cool it is to just drop your phone on the tabletop and it starts charging automatically? Sounds awesome right. Many smartphone manufacturers are trying this wireless charging technology and is widely available in most major brands. Even the new iPhones are supporting this.

Many restaurants and even bus stops are installed with this smart wireless technology. So you can charge your phone anytime you want. This makes the whole smartphones use a lot portable than before.

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Mobile phones are so popular that they even replaced a classic watch. Thanks to the smartwatch which is bringing it back again. So what is a smartwatch? Well, it is a high tech product that is shaped to fit into our wrist and works similarly to an ordinary watch. But practically what a smartwatch can do is beyond just being a watch. Out of many features of a smartwatch, it can control phones, track fitness activities, and even call.

Portable Charger


It is not like the old days anymore where the phone’s battery used to last a few days without worrying about recharging it again. Most current smartphones will last over a day of usage. So a portable charger which is called a power bank sometimes can come in handy in this situation. It is a battery you can carry this anywhere you want and charge any devices when it needs recharging. So having one of these will definitely help you to be more portable

Mobile projectors


What are the options are available if you want to share a video with your friends which you took with your phone? You can play it on your phone which sometimes is not good enough because of the smaller screen. Or you can first download it to a computer and play it on a bigger screen. Well, there is a better solution now. There are many small compact projectors in the market which you can get which will be connected to your phone. This gives you options to project your multimedia content to the wall on a bigger screen pretty much anywhere.

Bluetooth speaker


What about sound? Many mobile phones are quite poor in terms of sound quality. Here is the solution, you can get a decent quality Bluetooth speaker and immediately get a home theater-quality sound which is ideal for sharing your music with your friends.  Bluetooth speakers are coming in many sizes and features. These speakers perform well in many circumstances. So you can pick anyone according to your needs.

Let’s end it for now. But do not forget to explore through endless products for your smartphone. This is not about smartness but how you can improve your lifestyle using these gadgets. Whether you are a musician, a runner, or even into business these gadgets will be useful to you.