Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet Review

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Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet is the new and popular model of Prince’s Warrior line that comes with adding more spin and a new bold looking. Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet review is that we tested the racquet and published for our reader.


Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet was specially created for providing extremely balanced of spin and power. For plenty of maneuverability, it was made with 6 points head-light balance. The specialty of the Prince’s Warrior link is to include ESP Technology (Extreme String Pattern Technology) which allows 30% more spin in playing time. Incorporating EXO3 Technology and utilizing string suspension, there was created a 54% sweet spot of feeling.

Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet (At a glance)

  • Power – Best
  • Comfort – Best
  • Returns – Best
  • Topspin – Best
  • Groundstrokes – Awesome
  • Slice – Awesome
  • Volleys – Awesome
  • Touch/Feel – Moderate
  • Serves – Moderate

Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet Review

  • Using EXO3 Technology that allows 54% larger sweet spot.
  • Using ESP Technology that offers 30% extra spin.
  • Using Double Bridge Technology helps to reduce frame and string vibration.
  • Using ResiPro gripping system
  • It’s the composition of 100% Graphite.


  • Awesome string design
  • Super faster swing speeds
  • Good ball controlling capacity
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Moderate levels of touch/feel

Playtester and Our Experts Experience

Our expert and playtester ‘Andy’ discuss his experience with us Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet. He enjoyed it at the time of hitting topspin, He said, “Being a spin songster, it will be reputed day by day. Both forehands and backhands, I got lots of topspin with this racquetball racquet. This is one of the top quality and best racquetball racquet even I played! Adding extra pace helps to drop well into the lines that made me more aggressive with angles and lobs. My groundstroke suited up and got a consistent spin on both backhands and forehands with the racquet. It is a comparatively lighter weight which helps me gain a positive attitude during playtime. It is able to generate a decent pace for a player, because of its’ higher power level. I enjoyed to play and slicing the racquetball with this racquet.”

The volleys of the racquet look awesome. According to our expert opinion, the racquetball racquet was too much comfort for him. Our Play expert and play-tester ‘Andy’ said, “I liked the maneuverability as well but I faced a problem with the touch or feel that was not too awful to me. However, I was very careful with my backhand volley. Considering Serve as well as Serve Return, I was successful because of its’ good spins and power.”

‘Andy’ also shared some likes and dislikes of Prince Warrior 100 ESP Tennis Racquet with us. He said, “I loved the comfort, spin, string pattern, swing power or speed, and maneuverability. Serve and Serve Return was great as I saw! I think the racquet will be a good choice to buy at almost any level. On the other hand, I felt lightweight and a moderate level of touch on this racquetball. But, hope that doesn’t create problems for all.”

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Question 1: Does the racquet offer a carrying case? Does it come strung?

Answer: Actually Prince doesn’t offer any carrying case with their racquet, especially player types racquetball racquet and it comes unstrung.

Question 2: What is the power level of the racquet? For whom(which types of a player), the racquet is more suitable?

Answer: The power of the racquetball racquet is good enough on both forehands and backhands. The racquet is suitable for the players who like to play with lighter weight racquet.

Final Thoughts

If you like to play with a lightweight but good and easy swing racquet, you can consider purchasing this racquet. You can control the ball easily with this racquet and it will help to make you more aggressive during playtime because of its’ super balance (5 Pts head heavy). EXO3 and ESP technology of the racquet would be given you advantages over the opponents.

Prince Warrior really did a good job introducing Prince Warrior 100 ESP tennis racquet that is already becoming popular and top-rated racquet to the racquetball players.