What are the types of scanning devices for scanning

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Types of scanning devices are the vertical zebra-striped marks you see on most manufactured retail products – everything from candy to cosmetics to a comic book. In North America supermarkets, Scanning devices include barcode reader’s mark- and character recognition devices fax machines and imagine systems.
Mark- and include magnetic ink character recognition (MICR), optical mark recognition character recognition devices include magnetic ink character recognition devices (OMR), and optical character recognition (OCR). Fax machines may be dedicated machines or fax modems. Imaging systems convert text and images to digital form.
Scanning devices translate images of text drawing, photos. And the like into digital form the images can then be processed by a computer, displayed on a monitor stored on a storing devices, or communicated to another computer scanning devices include:
# Barcode readers
# Mark and character-recognition devices
# Fax machines
# Imagining systems

Bar-code readers

Food manufacturers and others have agreed to use a bar-code system called the Universal Product Code other kinds of barcode systems are used on everything from federal express packages to railroad cars.
Bar-codes are read by bar-code readers, photoelectric scanners that translate the bar code symbols into digital forms. The price of a particular item is set within the stores computer and appears on the sales clerk’s point-of-sale terminal and on your receipt records of sales are input to the wording out products that don’t sell well.
A recent innovation is the self-scanning barcode reader which grocers hope will extend the concept of self-services and help them lower costs. Here customers bring their groceries to an automated checkout counter where they scan them and bag them. They then take the bill to a cashier’s station to pay to guard against theft the barcode scanner is able to detect attempts to pass off the steal as peas.

Mark-recognition and character-recognition devices

# Magnetic-ink character recognition magnetic-ink character recognition (MICR) reads the strange-looking numbers printed at the bottom of checks. MICR characters, which are printed with magnetized ink are read by banks reader-sorter machine to sort cheeks.
# Optical character recognition (OCR) uses devices that read pencil marks and converts them into computer-usable form. The most well-known example is the OMR technology used to read the College Board scholastic aptitude test (sat) and the graduate record examination (GRE).
# Optical character recognition optical character recognition (OCR) uses a device that reads special preprinted characters and converts them into machine-readable form examples that use (OCR) characters ate utility bills.

Fax machine

A fax machine or facsimile transmission machine scans an image and sends it as electronic signets over telephone lines to a receiving fax machine which re-creates the image on paper. 
There are two types of fax machines dedicated (stand-alone) fax machines and fax modems.
# dedicated fax machines: Generally called simply fax machines dedicated fax machines ate specialized devices that do nothing except send and receive fax documents. They are found not only in offices and homes but also alongside regular phones in public places such as airports.
For the status-conscious or those needing to work from their cars (such as salespeople on the road fax machines can be installed in an automobile. The movie the player, for example, contains a scene in which the stalker of a movie -studio executive faces a threatening note. It arrives through the fax machine housed beneath the dashboard in the executives Range Rover.
The scanner in a fax machine can also be used to scan graphics and other items and then send them to a computer to be saved as an electronic file and later manipulated.
# Fax modem: a fax modem is installed as a circuit board inside the computers system cabinet. It is a modem with fax capability that enables you to send signals directly from your computer to someone else’s stand-alone fax machine or internal computer fax modem. With this device, you don’t have to print out the material from your computer printer and then run it through a fax machine scanner. The fax modem allows you to send information much more quickly than if you had to feed it page by page into a fax machine.
The fax modem is another feature of mobile computing. Fax modems are installed inside portable computers including pocket PCs and PDAs. You can also link up a cellular phone to the fax modems in your portable computer and thereby receive wireless fax messages. Indeed, faxes may be sent and received all over the world.
The main disadvantage of a fax modems is that you cannot scan in outside documents. Thus, if you have a photo or a drawing that you want to fax to someone, you need an image scanner as we describe next.
Communication by fax has become cheaper than first-class mail for many purposes.

Imaging systems

An imaging system or scanner or graphics scanner converts text drawing and photograph into a digital form that can be stored in a computer system and then manipulated. The system scans each image with light and breaks it into light and dark dots, which are then converted to digital code.
An example of an imaging system is the type used in desktop publishing this device scans in artwork or photos that can then be positioned within a page of text. Other systems are available for turning paper documents into electronic files so that people can reduce their paperwork.
Imaging-system technology gas led to a whole new art or industry called electronic imaging. Electronic imaging is the combining of separate images using scanners, digital cameras, and advanced graphic computers. This technology has become an important part of multimedia.