What is the best way to sharpen kitchen knives?

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A knife is probably the most important tool in our kitchens and it’s so crucial to learn about the best ways to Sharpen Kitchen Knives. If you are a chef or a house lady then there is no need to tell how important and necessary is to keep knives sharp. As we know, a sharp knife makes it super easy to cut foods like a pro. You can do mincing and chopping in a more enjoyable and easier way with the help of a sharp knife. 

Once you get your brand new knife then after few weeks of use it become dull. You have to apply more pressure during cutting and mincing which is a hazard not only for your food but also for your fingers.  Here, first of all we learn about some benefits of sharpen knives then we will learn some best ways to sharpen kitchen knives.

Benefits of sharp knives

It is also important to read the Best ways to sharpen kitchen knives as there are so many advantages of sharp knives like;

  • A sharp knife enables you to work quickly and easily.
  • A sharp knife allows you to create different and beautiful shapes of food.
  • With a sharp knife there is less chances of squashing food.
  • A sharp knife creates less damage to food.
  • A sharp knife is much safer then a dull knife as in sharp knife we use less pressure to cut food.

Difference between Honing & Sharpening

In sharpening of knives Honing & sharpening are two terms that frequently use alike. But Honing and sharpening are two different methods.


Knives are made up of tiny ridges and teeth at the edges. These teethe and edges are the responsible of knife sharpness. After constant use these teethes and ridges bent left or right and decrease the effectiveness of a knife. So through honing force we straight down these teethe and ridges in the direction of blades towards down axis. Honing is a gentle fix. Honing is commonly done through honing steel.

Honing Steel

Honing steel is a ceramic or diamond coated steel. It is the best method to maintain that factory sharp edges out of the box on your knives.


Here is the procedure of use honing steel;

  1. Simply hold your honing steel vertically upright on a countertop.
  2. Place the knife on a honing steel at 22 degrees because usually the most knife factory set angles between 15 to 20 degrees.
  3. Start from at the tip of the knife and drag towards the end of the knife by applying moderate pressure and bring your knife down like we do slicing.
  4. Repeat the same procedure on the alternate side of the honing steel.
  5. Repeat this procedure 4 to 6 times in each side.


Sharpening is a practice to reform the knife edges. In sharpening usually a bit of metal of knife is shaved. There are some best ways of sharpening knives;

4 Best methods of sharpening knives


Whetstones are the oldest sharpener for knife sharpening. Here is the method of use of a whetstone;

  1. Submerge your whetstone in a water tub for 5 to 10 minutes or you can also use small amount of mineral oil or any other oil for lubrication of your whetstone.
  2. Place your whetstone course up side on the counter and then place the edge of your knife blade on the whetstone at an angle of 20 to 22 degree or according to your knife angle.
  3. Apply a moderate pressure by gripping the handle with one hand and the other hand on the flat side of the blade.
  4. Drag the knife down on a consistent angle until knife runs off on the edge of your whetstone.
  5. Repeat this procedure 3 to 6 times on the alternate side of your knife.
  6. Flip the whetstone over and repeat the same procedure on the fine grit side of stone again.

Sharpening Steel

Honing steel is different then sharpening steel. If you are doing honing of your knife then there is still need of sharpening steel as in honing there is just straightening of edges.

Procedure of sharpening steel

  1. Place the sharpening steel in front of you on any table.
  2. Somewhere between 12 and 15 degree lay the knife on the sharpening steel.
  3. Then pull the knife down without applying too much pressure.
  4. After this, switch the side. Repeat the procedure until complete sharpness of your knife.

Tabletop knife sharpener

Tabletop knife sharpener is quick and super easy method for sharpening knives. There are two different slots on the tabletop knife sharpener; one is sharpening slot and the other is honing slot.

While doing sharpening you only have to drag knife from one tip to other without applying too much pressures. You have to repeat procedure from 5 to 6 times.

While on the honing side; Grip the handle of sharpener with one hand firmly and drag the knife through the slot by applying pressure. Repeat the process until to get sharpness of your knife you want.

Electric Sharpener

For your knives sharpening there are electric sharpeners also. Usually a use of electric sharpener is much more easy then manual methods of sharpening. Moreover, there are double slots in electric sharpener. You can do both honing and sharpening of your knives.  There are wheel spins in these slots they polish knives edges at correct angle automatically. The process is similar to whetstone but with more ease and quick. You just have to drag your knife through any slot until the sharpness of your knife.

Some Precautions for use of electric sharpener;

  1. Incorrect or over use of electric sharpeners can make your knives blade damage.
  2. Don’t stop the knife in slots during sharpening. This can cause loss of too much metal from one point of knife.
  3. Don’t apply so much pressure on press down of knife.

Ceramics mugs

May be you find this method crazy but ceramic mugs really work for sharpening of knives. You should try this method. For ceramics mugs the procedure is;

  1. Flip over a ceramic mug on a flat surface as its bottom face upward.
  2. You will see a ring on the bottom of ceramic mug. This circular ring is rough and usually harder then steel. This circular ring can use for sharpening of your knives. You can use this same as a whetstone.

Precautions to keep in mind during sharpening of knives

There are some precaution tips you should use during sharpening of knives.

  1. Never ever expose your fingers to the blade of your knife.
  2. Use kitchen gloves during sharpening of knives.
  3. Put sharpening tools on a table and do sharpening in standing pose.
  4. Hold the sharpener tools in one hand firmly and do sharpening with other hand.
  5. Must read precautions paper and instruction paper with electric sharpener to know the correct use.

How often you should sharpen your knives??

You can sharp you knives whenever you feel dullness in them. Usually you should proper sharp your knives after every 3 months. During this time you can do honing of your knives every day.

Things you should do with your kitchen knives for protection

There are some tips you can use for the protection of your knives;

  1. Never leave your knives in water for long time.
  2. Try to wash them separately from dishes.
  3. Never store your knives unprotected.
  4. Wash your knives right after cutting and mincing. Don’t leave them food residue.
  5. Don’t scrap your food with knives.
  6. Try to use wooden or plastic cutting boards than glass cutting boards.
  7. Never store your knives when they are wet. Dry them with kitchen towel or cloth.
  8. Try to sharp your knives regularly. Don’t use them when they become dull.


We explain some best methods and precautions for sharpening here. But still knives can hurt you. For this reason you should handle them with care. A little lack in caution can cause a big injury.You can also use professional servicing if you don`t feel yourself capable of sharpening. At last your well being is most important to us.